Sunday, September 6, 2009

Make hay while the sunshines.......

or while it's raining
the sun was shining in the hayfield but it was pouring just over the hill

my view......I was the driver

when he had the trailer almost loaded all by himself, 3 of these young guys came over and threw on a few bales. They felt sorry for the old man, told him they were impressed at how fast he loaded that much by himself at his age!!!!! Made him feel really good.

We had 87 bales and just barely made it home and got it unloaded and into the shed before it got wet. Had to cover it with a tarp before we got it unloaded to keep it dry. I am a weinie and not good at lifting hay but I did a pretty good job unloading the trailer while he restacked it. I told him that I thought we had a lot more fun doing hay when we were 14 and 20 years old!!!! He agreed !! This was some really nice hay and my goats will love it this winter.


Fonville Farm said...

where did you get hay?

Leslie said...

I bet my little boy would have had a blast getting up hay!