Sunday, September 27, 2009

33rd wedding anniversary weekend!!

(the above photo was taken only about a year after we were married, hey I made my shirt pin tucks and all! you can click to enlarge)
Yep 33 years he has been married to me! Boy does he deserve a medal! We were married when I was 14 and he was kidding! Lots of people were making bets back then on how long the marriage would last and it made us soooooo mad. Now we understand fully why they would be making bets on the two of us. The age difference and the fact that I was a wee tot of only 14 years old.......why my grandaughter is 14 years old now. OMG Her married?????? No way!!!

We spent a nice long weekend at The Fairy's Rest..(TFR).....him working!! It was raining buckets and buckets of rain so he could do nothing outside. He had no TV inside, only a portable DVD player that I thought to take for him and a couple good man flicks.....being the good wife that I am!!! He was happy til he watched them all. Guess I shoulda thought and took more for him to watch!

Friday we started with breakfast at IHOP YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY too!!!!! Ran a slew of errands. He left me at TJMAXX my favorite store in the world!!!! I found a lot of goods too. On to the home away from home. Saturday I did a lot of hanging things at TFR and making curtains more cleaning etc etc etc......then he said "I am bored. Let's go somewhere." Sure I had wanted to go into Danville to The Hobby Lobby for a while now..........OMG Another favorite store right up there with TJMAXX Found several great little things in there for TFR and he bought my Christmas present.................. drum roll Please............a dollhouse!!!! Yes a Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Oh Boy Oh Boy I have always wanted one of these. I have to say that he did not have to pay even half of the price shown on the link either!!! I have had so much fun with decorating TFR that he even commented to me the other day that it was my dollhouse....yes it is. This one will be a lot of fun too. I just have to get it put together now and then let the fun begin!!!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

In this day and age 33 years is a good long run, no matter the age when married. Congratulations!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Anniversary!!! My favorite cousins were married when she was 14 too, and now they've been married 51 years. It all depends on the maturity and love the couple has. said...


Leslie said...

I think you both deserve a BIG Medal! 33 years who would have ever dreamed!

Love the dollhouse and I know a little six year old girl that will be so in love with it. She would probably even help put it together!!haha

Linda Stubbs said...

You are adorable! How wonderful that you have been married for 33 years. You are a good example, keep those years a coming!

Loved your new do. Cute cute!!!!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful fall. It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here in Kansas
Blessings to your marriage!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Whoops, one more thing... your blog header photos is FABULOUS! When I showed it to my girlfriend, she gasped as beautiful.
BTW, where's Willis, VA? I'm in southwest VA.