Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cook. Clean. Sew. Repeat.

That seems to be the norm around here. Just not enough of the third step and way too much of one and four. I need to learn some time management skills. Understatement! Yesterday I vowed 15 minutes of internet time would be it until after supper was over and the kitchen cleaned up. Worked well....for the most part. 15 minutes spent checking blogs and emails and my facebook. Ya know I am an important person with all of these ways for people to contact me! LOL!!
I cleaned and laundered and did my haircolor and showered and dressed and paperwork and etc etc etc all before noon. Sat down at noon to check on a recipe for supper. Got up and made a sourdough starter and out the door to run errands. Such a good feeling with so much accomplished! Came home and made Sour Cream Enchiladas
with my own homemade tortillas too!! I am impressed with myself!

Please don't look at how dirty my new oven is already......and it's steam cleam and self cleaning. Don't judge me. Danny does enough of that for all of you! If he didn't make me cook so much for him it wouldn't get dirty now would it? anywhoooo......Delicious. That Suzanne over at Chickens in the Road knows how to cook!!! I will never get to go out to eat at mexican again he says.

After I said... was blogging time and I found a new blog with this little frog. Went upstairs and made my version. She has the tutorial and pattern that you can download but I couldn't get it so I freehanded one similar to hers. I stuffed him with polyfil and decided that he looked like a pincushion to me. He has been in the watermelon patch and the evidence came home with him.

I made another much bigger pattern for another one. I plan to get several of these made today. You see I am not crazy about frogs but I had some just like him when I was a wee little tot. A neighbor made me one and then my mom made some more like him for me too. I have planned on trying to make a pattern for him all my life it seems and never attempted it. So when I saw this one posted I had to do it. I am in love with him. Not so much that it bothered me sticking pins in his back though. I think he will be happy sitting on my ironing board or anywhere in my sewing room watching me. Maybe he will keep me focused on the project at hand. Ya know my ADD!!!

Speak of ADD? This is what the dollhouse looks like now. The foundation is laidout on the coffee table...hahaha....Danny got a kick out of the fact that it has to be on a foundation. Of course it has a foundation doesn't your house?
Wish me luck on getting anything accomplished today cause it just ain't a lookin good
yet ;-)


Amanda said...

I like your frog. Mom made me a turtle pin cushion when I left home. I'll have to post a pic of it to show you. :)

Leslie said...

Yummy chicken enchiladas! So not low carb! Well maybe the filling is, but not those homemade tortillas. Yum, I'm hungry!