Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Kodak moment....

I remembered my camera this time. On Friday evening while we were feeding our catfish we finally spotted 2 of our big white albino cats that came up to get food for the first time this year. Last evening we spotted them again. Click to enlarge picture and get a look at the difference in the size of the white ones verses the channel cats. WOW!!!
All 3 of them!!! Bout fell off the dock too! At least I did have the camera.

They are so dag um happy on the bottom all year that you could never even get a glimpse of them. Occasionally if the moon and stars are properly in alignment they would sneak up and eat with the others. Robin hooked one last year while all us girls and kids were fishing and it was a sight!!! She was yelling for help cause she thought she had Moby Dick on her line. I was laid back with my feet propped up in one of those folding/in a bag loungers ( LOL!!! ) on the other side of the pond. It took me for ever to get out of the thing with out folding my self up in it. Her rod was about to break in two. She was dancing and screaming like a girl......thought she had a mud turtle on her hook cause it was so heavy. Just as it was finally pulled to the top of the water I made it to her and her line snapped. We both were able to see what it was and yelled out "A white catfish!!" I was happy that it got away but she wasn't happy at all. It appeared to be about 14" long at that time but they are at least 20" long now.

Look at that face. Scary huh?
Danny and Robin keep threatening to catch one of these and eat them. Over my dead body! These are my pets. I don't think either one of them would do that to me, do you?

An aerial/over the mountainside shot of where all this action takes place.
Multi colored fish, bear, snakes, turtles, raccoons, skinny dippers, skinny dippers since the first year cause of so many other creatures!!!!!


Sage said...

What's for dinner?? LOLOL

Fonville Farm said...

Haha! Yes I would do that! They are gorgeous though!

Amanda said...

They're huge! You got some really good pictures.