Friday, September 4, 2009

What a great day I have had! Thank You Lord!

This weekend is the Hillsville Va flea market and gun show. One county over. Huge and I say Huge!!!!! At least that's what I've heard. I've never been. Always try to stay out of the way!! But let me tell ya there are some good yardsales on the roads leading to Hillsville!!! I covered three counties today and hit the mother lode!!! This Ironstone pitcher and bowl I got for a song! It already has a couple homes but I can't decide which one I want it to stay in yet. I love it!
I never thought I would own a Dooney and Bourke bag. Especially for $1
I feel like a theif!

I don't know if it's an original or a knock-off but it looks real to me! Bad focus on my camera!

This is just a drop in the bucket of my finds. I had my truck loaded down and spent less than $100. Rooster napkin holder 0.25 cents Vintage tablecloth $3

I bought these 2 couples for 25 cents each cause I wanted them!

Beautiful dresser scarf $3

Vintage flour sack .......drum roll......$1 Looks like an apron to me!!

This is a gorgeous santa bowl. A nice one that was all in a box with gold writing and all for $1

Brass sconces for 50 cents each. I came home and primed one to paint it white and broke one. Can you believe it? But my dh has some brass welding rods and is going to try to weld it back for me. He's pretty good to me ;-)

This evolution of a snowman (click to enlarge) was 50cents.
I got more santas
2 Fire king dishes
a fireking mug
2 pair of jeans for dh Carhart and wranglers
A chenille bedspread
2 sheets
A glass cloche
a locker type basket
A big box of little girl movies Barbie etc
little girls clothes for Emma
a super duper cooking thermometer new for 25 cents
4 new sweatshirts
1 new pink hoodie (all $1 a piece)
3 curtain panels
more Christmas decor
2 drop leaf end tables $5 each Great!!
................. and............
a vintage (double triple flips here--oh happy dance) laundry sorter/basket/thingy....not sure what it is called but OMG $2
a beautiful vintage womens bathing suit and matching swim cap OMG it is sooooo cute!!!!! Boy have I got plans for it!!
And a fabulous vintage armoire to die for!!!!!!!! $25 tehhetehhe
I am certain I have missed a lot of stuff but I am so happy with my finds. Actually some of this was purchased last evening at a yardsale down the road.
The best part of the day was all the old friends that I ran upon and got caught up with while yardsaling. I made so many friends when we had our consignment store and I got to see some of the best of the best today!!!!!!
A great day!
Then tonight while feeding our catfish 2 of our 3 big white albino catfish that we haven't seen all year, came up and ate and ate and ate. Of course no darned camera with me........... That's OK I looked over at Danny and said.....
"It's been such a good day."


Fonville Farm said...

Of course those big white catfish came up and ate, they were hungry! Cause they didn't come up and eat all week while I was there wanting to see them!
I love all your finds! Thanks to me!

Nancy M. said...

What great finds! You got a lot of awesome things for so little! It does sound like a wonderful day!

Sage said...

Good STUFF!! What a haul!! You go girl!

Amanda said...

I hope I can find some good deals tomorrow. Some of the vendors practically give things away on the last day of the flea market, just so they don't have to load it back up. I really like that dresser scarf you found. Once again, you did good!