Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kentucky Butter Cake

I think this is worthy of blogging about and I haven't even taken it out of the pan yet! It's a recipe from Allrecipes (my favorite online cookbook) and it can be found here http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Kentucky-Butter-Cake/Detail.aspx The reviews were unbelievable. Well I guess I did believe them didn't I? Smells soooooooo good. Can't wait for desert tonight.
I am so good to my kids no matter what they say about me, hu hum hum.
Robin and Eric are coming in from Atlanta tonight to this!!
I'll give anyone out there a piece of this "has-to-be-yummy cake" if they will show me how to put the words that you can click on to go to the link. You know it would be like go "here" or "kentucky butter cake" would be highlighted and take you directly to the site. I will. I promise I will give you a huge slice of this cake if you will tell me how to do that!!!!!! I will also give you a hot cup of coffee with Southern Butter Pecan creamer to accompany your cake!
Did you guess that I like butter? Paula Deen has nothing on me in the butter dept!!!!
Go on over there and get the recipe and make this tonight so we can all be enjoying this cake together. Enjoy!!
Becky Butterton ;0)
Berte wins the slice of cake!!! She told me how to do this in her comment!! I was soooo close but was skipping a crucial step. Now I will have your heads a spinning with all my hyperlinks that I will be putting in my posts!!
Thanks a million Berte!!! I hope you enjoy the cake as much as we have ;-)


RiverBend Farm said...

Oh, Becky, your cake looks sooo good! I've been on my diet for two days now and, so far so good. I'm having to stay home for mission accomplishment.
To link to a site, when you are posting, look at icons above your post. Scroll over them until your cursor says "link". It's to the right of the "bold", Italics, and text color icons. With my eyes, it looks like a round face with bull horns...ha! Anyway, type in where you want to link to in your post, then highlight and go to Link and type in the url. It's been awhile but I think that's it. good luck..hope that's it. Gee, I wish I was there for dessert tonight!

Beck's Country Living said...

I love allrecipes.com I hope you will check out supercook.com I love this site to