Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fundraising Fashion Show

This evening I was invited to participate in a fundraiser for the Community Action Emergency Fund for our county. It was held at the home of Jeannie O'Neill. She has a gorgous home and gardens on Main Street.
This little building (the back of the building shown) used to be her fathers vet office. A few years back my daughters and I rented this from Jeannie and had our ladies consignment store in there. It has now been renovated (wish I had pics) into the cutest ever B&B type nightly rental. While we were getting ready for the fashion show a gentleman from England came up requesting a room. He got a great room for the night and was invited next door to the show and 2 doors down to Jeannie's husbands birthday party after the show!!! What a deal he came across!!

Her back yard.

Her boutique Jeannie O'Neill Originals. She is a fabulous artist and clothing designer. Robin and I used to do some sewing for her. Her items are being modeled tonight.

One of the models, Cindy. My job was to dress the models in Jeannie O'Neill Originals. These are her handbags too. There were four other stores from our town that also had their clothing shown.

Side of her home. It's huge.

Front room of her boutique.

Some of her art and jewelry on display.

More art. Love the "nothing to wear" sign.

I can't believe I am telling this on myself, but this is "MY BUTT" .......really it is.......when we rented from Jeannie she came into my store and asked me to come outside and model for her. I did as I was told....bent over and she took a picture of my butt!!!! The rest is history! You have to know Jeannie and I don't think it would make any of you mad. I always thought this was my best side ;-)

Some of the models gathered for pictures. Notice Jeannie's art hanging on the side of her house.

This is an old friend and previous co-worker of mine Lori. A fellow hairdresser and her boyfriend Michael. They were both models tonight for another store. I was so happy to see them here.

Here's the crew. All my models and Jeannie second from left.

There were door prizes and a silent auction with a lot of great items for auction. If The Fairy's Rest was ready for guests I would have given a weekend to the highest bidder!! Maybe next year.

This is Jeannie's sister Temple. She modeled vintage dance wear and was caught dancing later in the evening. The band was great too. I think everyone really had a good time. Jeannie is quite the hostess.
She also offered me a job before the night was over!!!


Leslie said...

I'm glad you had fun hobnobbing with the rich and famous!!! Wish I could have been there, looks like fun!

Fonville Farm said...

Sorry I missed out! I want the Nothing to wear sign in my bedroom:) I think it kindof fits me!

blushing rose said...

Becky, what a wonderful fund raiser. I love them. Looks like it would be a lot of fun ... TY for sharing.

Pop over & meet a\my friend & new blog lady @

TTFN~ Marydon

Sage said...

A job?? What kind of job? You go girl!! Looked like a great night! Loved the pics?? JOB?? Gawd..those are few and far between anymore!! LOL (said she who is still looking!)