Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My well deserved makeover!

Bad day. Not just a bad hair day but a bad bad day all around. This was back in June at our pond while fishing. I must not have been catching any fish, ya think??? I have no idea why I grow my hair out only to cut it back off but I do it anyway. I had no style. What happened to me? I used to be the girl who wouldn't even think of going to the trash dumpster or the grocery store without my hair and makeup just right. Off to work well Katie bar the door. I went all out and then I think I realized that no one else cared what I looked like. By the time I quit work in May I had got myself in this little rut of not caring. A few hundred gallons of paint from painting on 2 houses a garage and tons of furniture, a few hundred gallons of gas burned out in a lawn mower, one full growing season in my garden and the many woes of farmgirl life.........and just look at me. Well you can't see me cause I didn't post any thing past June ;-)
So being the hairdresser that I am, I have plenty of hairstyle magazines. I picked out this cute little carefree do and sprang it on my husband last night and LO AND BEHOLD HE LOVED IT!!!!! What??? He hates short hair!! I guess he hated having me look so frumpy when he came home from work too!!! Each day I am in my paint covered comfy wear around the house clothes that I have become so fond of. No makeup. No jewelry. Barely a shampoo hit my hair for months now. I wish I could meet him at the door each afternoon with my "housedress" and apron on, hair and makeup done up just right, a pair of sexy high heels and a delicious dinner on the table. Hey, I bet he would like that too!!! Of course he can't complain about the meals that he gets.................actually he does complain about them too.......it seems it's my fault that his pants are getting tighter.......must be my fault cause I know for sure it is "My Fault" that mine are getting tighter too!!!!!!

Waaaalllllaaaaaaa!!!! Becky in a new sassy do, makeup and her clothes with not nary a paint splotch on them!!!!!!! Are those earrings too????

DH was happy too.
Becky went out this morning to run errands...actually took all day......but she stayed in her "Good Clothes" all day until he could see her. Becky missed her comfy paint clothes or PJ's too.

ps. I didn't want the Kate plus 8 look of an assymetrical haircut so I tweaked it up a little. Leslie came right thru the door this morning, looked at me and called me Kate G. :0(


RiverBend Farm said...

Love it, love it, love it. And admire your gutsy attitude for putting it all on your blog. It makes me take a good long look at myself. I, too, have achieved the frumpy no makeup and uniform of jeans, tshirt and boots. You have the advantage being a hairdresser. My hubby has lost weight and now weighs just a little less than me! And I try soooo hard! Yes, it was terribly hard eating that jumbo bag of M&M's last night during NCIS...
You look great!!!

Leslie said...

Your new do looks much better than Kate's. I too need a much needed makeover. I'm sure Travis would like to see me in something other than holey t-shirts and cut off sweat pants too. Don't forget your hair styling skills, cause this babes getting a haircut tomorrow night!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks girls!

Berte ~ I think I am crazy for posting this too!! But I thought it would be out there for all the world to see and remind me to do better!! Every time I pull up my blog it will slap me in the face how bad I looked before!!! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Leslie ~ I think I can do the mullet or the reverse mullet. Sound good??? Thank you for the sweet comment too! I will fix you right up tomorrow night. You look great no matter what your hair or clothes look like because of your beautiful personality. You can't hide beauty like that!!! I know Travis agrees!!! Love ya, Mom

Nancy M. said...

I think your new look is fabulous! I think we all get in a rut when we're stuck around the house all the time. We just forget to care about the way we look. I know your husband is loving it!

Fonville Farm said...

Woohoo sexy Mama! I love it! You look so sassy! You and Leslie are both beautiful women! I can't wait to see you two!

Amanda said...

Very nice! Bet it's easy to fix too.