Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a Martha kinda day!

I found out this afternoon that Martha Stewart is on Hallmark channel almost all day now!
Why didn't someone tell me??
These are the old shows when I was just so in love with her!!!
I was able to catch a couple hours this afternoon, only after I had done a ton of work around the house...OK? I am not a couch potato!
I learned a lot today about seedlings. I thought I knew more than I did about seedlings but for some reason I am being tested this year!
My peppers and tomatoes are doing wonderfully so far but the onions, leeks and lavender are struggling along trying to die a long slow death.
I love daffodils but this is a double dose of daffodils!!
(their reflection)
My poor husband is stranded in the big rig in WV today with his truck shut down by the DOT for a mistake on his permit to haul a big piece of equipment from Ohio.
While he is eating well on the company (haha he has free rein to eat anything he wants tonight and he called me a little bit ago and said he was eating his leftover pinto beans and cornbread that he took with him. Said it was better than anything he could get in a restaurant .....he sure loves me) and sleeping in a cushy motel room I am all by myself.
I walked the treadmill today......woowoowooooooooooo!!!!
The last time I did that little number for 3 days straight, I couldn't walk for 3 weeks with back pain. This time I will start slowly and build up gradually, and get in the hottub afterwards. It is amazing how much the hottub really can soothe your overworked muscles and keep you from getting sore. I hope to be able to get my calisthenics started again soon too......gradual Becky!!
I have fed and put all the animals to bed, I am getting ready to hit the hottub and then I hope to squeeze a new haircut in before American Idol comes on and then I will lay back on the sofa and crochet. No I did not crochet hardly at all while I was under the weather, took too much energy!
OK my gardening friends......is this Cresse salad?
Watercress? We used to call it creesie salad!
I have been wanting some and I knew this was out there where it always comes up around my flowering quince. Danny says this is creesie but "It's the bitter creesie"!!
Can you tell? Do I have to just taste it?


Please let me know what you think. I have 10 bunches that should make a pretty good salad and I am feeling the need for something fresh!!!
It's springtime ya know!!!!!

FYI~ I will watch Martha tomorrow on the TV in my sewing room while working on something fruitful like a king size quilt!!


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

That's not fair, I haven't seen any of Martha's shows for so long. We used to have the full range of pay TV but it got to expensive! Now we got sport ... basic package. I love Martha's Jade kitchen wares.

the canned quilter said...

Gosh I couldn't tell you the last Martha I watched. We were just on different schedules : )

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I was really happy to find the old Martha shows. (I don't like her that much now ;-)))) I had no idea that they were on because I don't watch much TV. We have the very lowest satelite package that Dish Network offers but it does include Hallmark and the local channels.

I just wish they would have had these shows on back in the winter not in the Spring when I need to be outside so badly!!!!!!!!

LynnS said...

So you are a weed-eater, too?? :-)

Yes, those are creasey greens, aka Land Cress. I wrote a short blog post on it a year ago or so. I have another one to write, but I'm still waiting for the Cress to grow here. Your area is a little warmer, isn't it?

Have a look at the 2nd link with a recipe. It's delicious with cress!

Now go pick your weeds, woman!

Foraging For Cress:

Cheese & Greens:

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Yes Lynn I saw your posts on cress and it made my mouth water even more for them. I picked them this morning before my chickens got to them!! I can't wait for our supper tonight!!!!

You have some really great posts over there my friend!!! Thanks!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...
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OurCrazyFarm said...

Well....no wonder I hadn't heard from you in a couple of days....you were spending time with Martha!!! How's that quilt coming?? Can't wait to see it!

Nezzy said...

I can't tell ya the last time I watched Martha. I used to catch her daily then she disappeared into the airwaves somewhere.

I was goin' to say that your mystery greens were Cress but I see others bet me to it. Enjoy!

God bless and have yourself the best day!!!

LynnS said...

Whaaaa??? You have a quilt in-the-works???? Time for show-n-tell!! I'll show one if you show one....