Sunday, January 24, 2010

My new baby is here safe at home....

and she is still sleeping....shhshhh she had a rough trip home with her new mommy.

When she is awake we will show pictures.

Actually mommy is a little overwhelmed at the time with this new baby.

Her new Baby Lock that is!!!

We had quite a time yesterday.....long trip....had to get in lots of shopping too.

Well our kind of shopping that is....


Leslie spotted these 2 stores on the way down to Richmond and we had to stop on the way back.

They were all screaming "Please Mama"..."Please Granny" ..."we will be good and not let you buy anything"...........

This looks like Robin with a baby on board!!
I caught Leslie with her hands in the cookie jar!

She was also eyeing the cool primitive cabinet.

I don't know where she gets this from!!

Need I say more......except I already have this sink and no it is not attached to a wall anywhere!

Oh Danny!!

Look at those screen doors!!!!!!

Nothing a little Comet wouldn't scrub out!

We always have to check out the toilets!

Needs to be white and in my house!

Has to be white and in my house!

Oh No they are sooooo young to be acting like this!

I need a potting table like this! I do, I really do!

I have to go back with my truck cause this wouldn't fit on the top of my car......we tried!!

I need a new washing machine!

and a new dryer!

If the electric bills go up any higher I will have to go back and get these!

They are happy that they didn't have to ride on the hood and hold on to the stove!

Don't they think they are smart. Hurrying to beat me to the goods!

Cute greeting!

Three sweet little lambs!


The toilet....this one is my style!

Terri I was going to buy this for you because I knew you would love it. I knew you would have this table full of good homecooking and surrounded by happy kids!!
I couldn't get it cause they wouldn't let me!

Do I have room for just one more?


I need this sign to send to my new grandson's house cause he is going to be called Bubba!!!
(southern boy ya know)


OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh My! I got my fix just looking at all these great pics! One day when I am not spending so much money on food and shoes and plays I'll come down with a big truck of my own and we'll go shopping together! Yes~ that table would have fit perfect in my dining room, but then I would have had to add about 2 dozen other antiques to my decor just to display it properly:)) Glad you had a great day!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh, and I would have taken that sink, too~ After looking at these pictures I have just redesigned my one-day-pantry for the gazillionth time and it needs a sink just like that! Rob will thank you one day:)))

Mel said...

Thanks, for the antique trip, hey, did they get that sink from my grandma's house, she has an identical sink!

Ah, yes, what a gorgeous table, I can picture that right here in my dining room, uh huh...

I'll even settle for a few of those cupboards.

These kinds of tours, I could stay all day, thanks for the sneak peak.