Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Quilting Frame......

Here it is!! Yay!!
He is finished with constructing it but we now have to get it into the house.
They are 12' long and are built in 2 pieces...pretty smart huh?
At least we can move them in sections.
How about that great storage shelf he added underneath??
They are soooo loooooonnnngggggggg!
The tracks are one continuous board so as not to have any bumps while moving the machine along the tracks. They will be screwed in place once we set everything up exactly where I want it.

We used most of the Handi Quilter frame that I already had.

These end pieces will be adjustable with some bolts with wing nuts.
I will be able to quilt up to a king size quilt on them.
All I have to do is sand them down really good and then get them put up tomorrow evening.
I can't wait to actually use them!!
He did such a good job!!!!


Lovie said...

Quilt table and 12 foot of extra storage - you are lucky! Look forward to seeing your quilts.

Leslie said...

Wow ! Who knew my daddy was so talented!! Can't wait to see all the beauties you create!

the canned quilter said...

Well there's no stopping you now. Next thing ya know you'll be turnin out all kinds of quilts : ) Can't wait to see them!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

That is awesome! Handy guys are so wonderful, aren't they?


WOW ! Thats great ! cant wait to see the magic of your creations ! Have a great weekend !