Sunday, October 3, 2010

My closet!!

Well gals here it is!
I know that all of you were just dying to see my closet!! hahaha
I have to say that blogging about something that you are getting ready to do helps hold you accountable to actually get it done!
Everything is so clean and organized in there right now.
I know it looks like chaos to you but you have to remember that I only have 2 closets in my whole house, this walk-in and one more smallllllllll bedroom closet that is actually in our office. The one in the office shares space with the heatpump cold air return so it's only a half closet.
This red chest holds my sheets and pillowcases. The mirror has been in the garage until I got the closet ready for it. I will be painting all the furniture white soon.
It will be really nice to finally have a full length mirror in my house!
(It is a LOT bigger than the picture makes it look)
Maybe I will look better when I leave home now?!?!?!
I did not get a really good picture of the closet from the bedroom because I would be showing in the mirror and you did NOT want to see me today! Me in sweats is not a pretty sight!!!!
These wire shelves work pretty good to hold accessories such as scarves and belts.
Look at all my jeans....I didn't know I had so many pair til I organized a little.

Can a girl ever really have too many handbags?
Of course not. I purged a few just in case!

This is my DRESSY corner of the closet, (other than Danny's robe that he wears out to the hot tub) you can tell that I don't get dressed up very much by the small amount of clothes there! The sweater organizer hanging here houses some sweaters and the rest are our swimsuits.

(jewelry, my socks are now in the hatbox, clever huh?)
Danny's clothes are in the dresser and about 6" of a closet rod is all I can share with him!
Not really, he has his suits stored in the office closet to keep them dust free. I did not want a door on this closet because most closet doors are either left open anyway or the closet is so messy that you don't want anyone to see in there and keep stuffing it full of more stuff.
I felt that this way I would keep it cleaner if anyone could see in there. Hahaha that didn't really work! Well the bedroom actually is messier than my closet!
After cleaning this I have some new found space for more shoes!!
Of course I have purged about 87 pair today!
I have a truck load of stuff for the Goodwill.

I can even add to my Dansko collection now!
Do you think he would notice a few more boxes?
I still have a lot more to do such as cleaning out my dresser in the bedroom and purging more from there. I will move the bedroom around a little to fit the quilting frames in there. I guess I will go ahead and make a silk curtain for my closet door to keep some of the dust from the quilting....(from the batting)...from settling on my clothes.
After all every Princess should have a silk drape as her closet door! Right?
Whew.... I am tired now!!


The Hobbit said...

Really looking good! And look how happy Goodwill must be right now.Envy your quilting,I just can't go that route.My family (cousins)hand quilt and I just don't have the time to join in the fun.They count stitches per inch. I stay in the kitchen where I belong

Haylee said...

You are so organized! Want to come clean out mind for me? ;)
I love those hat boxes!