Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Right on schedule....

I am seriously going to get this painting project finished in a couple weekends time!
(kitchen and living room floors)
I spent a lot of time online yesterday researching white painted wood floors and a large percentage of the folks, who would tell you how they got their great look, used this paint.
I have to say that I have never used Benjamin Moore paints and I found out why yesterday also. There are no dealers close by. Well I found a decorating specialty store that carries BM paints in Blacksburg that wasn't too far away.
They were super nice too!
They have already ordered my paints for me that will be in today.
I also put my order in at the rental company for a drum floor sander and an edger.
I sure hope Danny has fun with those two pieces of equipment!!!!!
The paint specialist told me that was the right choice for my project and that I do not need to put poly over this paint!! Those folks online did not either!
This paint dries in eight hours and that will speed up the process for us too!
I will pick up the sanders on Friday afternoon and let the fun begin when he gets home!!
Now......heres a little glitch in the plans......last night he got a phone call from a guy that he does some excavating work for every now and again. He said he has a nice job that is right over the hill from us and Danny can not refuse a job in this economy!!!
So we will try to get the sanding done on Friday and maybe we can get the first coat on before bedtime. Then the next morning I will get the second coat on and then leave for the day while he is working. There is another little problem with this.......this room is in between my bedroom and both bathrooms! There will be no midnight bathroom breaks with a wet floor!!
That could be a disaster!!
I had a really good morning yesterday
(the afternoon I crashed and barely remember much of it :-)
I made a lot of plans for other little decorating things
around these 2 rooms.
I ordered roller shades for ALL my windows last night.
Well 11 of them!
I decided against shades for the kitchen window and my bedroom windows.
both of these rooms are on the back of the house and I really don't need them there anyway.
I am so sure that Danny will just turn double flips in the air when these shades arrive and he has to hang them for me!!!!!!! I can just hear him now, all that excitement will be really hard for him to contain!!!
My house has super huge windows and they are so hard to cover with any window treatments. I have been thru all the choices except roller shades and I have not been happy with anything as of yet. I need privacy at times and I need sun shade at times and other times I just want the windows to be wide open and let in all the light that they can so I have to go with roller shades. The problem has been that for a custom made (all the windows are their own size made to fit the remodel) roller shade big enough for these windows they are way tooooooo costly.
I found them last week at jcpenny.com on sale for really cheap. I had a lot of planning and measuring to do and I was afraid that by the time I got around to ordering them they would be sold out or the sale would be off. I was wrong they had all 11 of them in stock, even my cockeyed sizes and they are to be shipped out today!
Please don't tell Danny, I really want it to be a surprise!!
I got nice roller shades for 11 windows for just over $200
but I saved almost $300 with the sale!!
I hope I like them as good as the 94 people who gave them great reviews!
Now I hope to get started on the valances out of a nice red and biege toile fabric that has been sitting there patiently waiting for me for a few months.
You all know how much I like toile fabric!



WOW ! good for you hope it all works out well for ya ! Have a great day !

Mama-Bug said...

Hope we get to see photos when all is finished! I bet it all turns out well for you. I bet those floors will be beautiful.