Monday, October 18, 2010

I am on a mission...

Hahaha I know, I know, I know you have all heard that little song and dance before, but this time, the Good Lord willing, I will achieve my goal! If he keeps me healthy, I know I am in recuperation from a disease and on a lot of medications at the moment but this too shall pass and I am thinking clearly now. OK? Ok!

Are you guys aware that it is only 68 more days til Christmas Day? Holy Mint Green Vespas!!
(I have always wanted a mint green vespa and that's exactly what I would look like on one too)
How did that happen? What have I been doing for the past however many days, don't make me count them because I will be depressed and go back to bed or go eat some gooey sweet concoction and get more depressed. Seems like they move Christmas up every year, closer and closer they are coming, at least at my house they are. Grant you I do love Christmas but I am never ready for it. I was barely ready for it for the past two years when I was a stay at home wife, let alone when I am a bacon-bringer-in! So I have got to get ready for this one, this one is special because it is the only one I will have at this age and at this stage of life, so it's got to be a big one! hahaha

My goal is to make all three of my grandkids a quilt for Christmas this year. OMG did I just put that in writing? For everyone to see? Did I really? Oh Lord please help me, I am hallucinating!

That is only part of the equation........... are you sitting down? Well sit down or you will be falling in the floor laughing you patooty off at me with this one now.......

Do you remember my white painted floors? Do you remember that I painted ALL of that myself? Do you remember that I did it in the dead of winter with 30+ inches of snow on the ground....Oh Dear Lord please no 30+ inches of snow this year, Please! Do you remember that I used a $46ish a gallon sealer for high traffic areas on my new white painted floor? Wellllllll........ Crapola, that was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! We LOVE the white floors! But the protective coating was a disaster. I can't even describe how wrong that was. The floor is showing every roller mark from the sealer, kinda yellowish brown color that is NOT dirt, let me clarify that my floors are filthy most of the time but even after some serious elbow grease they will never look good. This just breaks my heart too. I worked SOOOO hard on these floors too. :-{ They are so bad and they keep getting worse with time, can't explain that one either. Danny even mentioned how he hates it now and really questioned what I used.......blahahahaha .........Like he even knows the difference in flat and semi-gloss paint or a roller and a brush??? hahaha he hates to paint but he doesn't mind watching me! He said "We have got to do something about these floors!" Now girls they have got to be pretty bad if notices them. Trust me. He never notices anything that I do around here, what I wear or anything! OK?

So after a long lengthy discussion and an extremely pitiful begging spell from me for new hardwood, preferably cherry floors, "WE" decided to repaint them white! OMG!!!! Here I go again. Only this time he will be right by my side! Roller in hand too! We are planning to sand the surface down and repaint them and then cover it with regular polyurethane like I did my living room floors almost 8 years ago. They have held up very well but are now starting to show a lot of wear and we will paint them white too!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

This painting....if all goes well with my little shingle episode...will begin on Friday and we will get the paint down and then put a coat of poly on and go stay at the Fairy's Rest for the night so as not to be in the fumes and risk having to walk on them. We will then drive back in the morning and slap another coat on them, leave for the day and back for another that night etc etcetcetc....til they are finished!! Sounds like a plan doesn't it???

Well this means that I will have to have new curtains for the living room and dining room, new throw pillows, a new table runner and maybe some chair pads for the dining room and and and.....

What am I doing on here wasting my time away???? I can at least make curtains and table runners and pillows this week while I am convalescing, right? Then I will take quilt materials to the Fairy's rest with me this weekend and while he is spending his birthday weekend hunting with Jesse, I can make quilt tops for the kids. No sweat!!!! Wish me luck again!!!

(the discoloring of the floors is not the typical yellowing that poly urethane will do either, it is just Yucky. That's the only way to describe it!)

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Haylee said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It made me feel really good. :)
Wow 3 quilts? I'm impressed. You have a lot more diligence than me, that's for sure.
Sorry to hear about the protective coating on the floors. Having all your hard work go to waste has got to be one of the worstest feelings ever! I just typed up a 3 page essay last week, forgot to save it and LOST IT. Ugh. But at least you'll know how to do the floors right this time! Good luck.