Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall in SW Va

I let my wonderful husband talk me out of sitting around the house again today throwing my own little pitty parties and go with him to my parents house to pick up the wood splitter. My dad and Danny co-own the splitter and my dad used it for all his firewood back in the summer when it was so burning hot outside but Danny likes to use it when it is cool enough not to die with a heat stroke. I thought fast and grabbed my camera, I had a major pity party yesterday because I just knew that I would miss the changing leaves due to my illness that I no longer want to talk about ;-)
We had to stop at our local store for gas and I got this one of the church across the road.
We left my parents house and took the Blueridge Parkway home.
We are so fortunate to have this beautiful road that winds thru our county on the way thru the Blueridge Mountains!
We are also very fortunate to have the changing of the leaves that we get to witness every year.
Of course this is no Vermont, Robin!
Robin and Eric are in Vermont and Montreal Canada for the week. I have already received texts and facebook messages that she wants to move up there because of the beauty. I guess she will have better pictures than I do but I beat her to it anyway!
This is one of the overlooks on the parkway, the only one he would stop for.
Most of my pictures are from a moving truck and thru the windshield.
This overlooks Patrick County, home of The Fairy's Rest.
Behind us is the direction of our home.

People were stopped all along the side of the road for picnics today.
We used to do that every year but I guess we are too old for that anymore????
I love where these guys decided to stop along side the hay bales.
I am sure they had some good photos too!

I love this time of the year on the parkway.

This Buffalo Mountain. You can see it from almost anywhere in our county!
I plan to hike it one day.
The leaves have turned really pretty colors West of the Blueridge Parkway, which is shown in this picture and this is my side of the parkway too.
I also have a beautiful drive to work each day too.


I have no idea who lives in this house but it was such a beautiful place that I just couldn't help myself. I could so live here. Couldn't you just see my Nubians out there on the hillside? That's my tractor up there. Fishing in that pond? The house looks all country and cozy.
Ahhhhhh a girl can dream now can't she?
The worst part of this dreaming is that Danny and I looked at the property across the road and almost bought it before we bought our place. That land was so flat, ours is so steep. It had a creek running right thru the middle of it, ours does have a spring. It had a PERFECT pondsite, our pond was barely able to be a pond. It had a riding ring, ours doesn't have a flat area big enough for a riding ring. It had a huge barn, ours...well you all know that story. It was 6 acres of flat pasture, ours 2 3/4 acres of steep billy goat pasture.
Now think about that for a while country gals..............

This is overlooking The Fairy's Rest!!
Can you see it?

My winter painting project?

Now this is the view from my front yard!
You do have to walk across the road to see it because of the neighbors fence line being overgrown with bushes. It is lovely over there!
See the Buffalo Mountain?
This is the opposite side of it, from the previos pictures.

My Buckeyes were really enjoying the beautiful fall day too!
I came home with another pair of banties from my dads today.
They are tiny little gray speckled beauties right now but who knows what they will look like when they are grown.
It was really nice to get out today and have a low key ride around the mountains and take in all the beauty that surrounds us.
Hope you enjoyed your little tour thru my county!


Mom of 3 Girleighs said...

I wish I could live in the pictures you take!!! Just gorgeous...

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I LOVE your neck of the woods!
And if you can hike Buffalo Mountain, then surley you can have a picnic!

Mama-Bug said...

Your photos were so wonderful; I get to take my first trip on the parkway this coming spring with my hubby. You're never to old for a picnic!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks ladies!! Yeah if I hiked The Buffalo there would be a crash cart awaiting me and they would be calling for a Code Blue!!! Maybe I should make sure my RN daughter is with me?!!!

Mama Bug where will you be going to be traveling the parkway?

Brenda said...

Wow Becky! Beautiful photos! Such vibrant colors ...


Great photos ! We just finished all our wood pile for the fire place. Those wood spliters are great ! Have a good day !

The Hobbit said...

I'm in N.H. and yes we do have beautiful fall foliage,however, my daughter went to school in Radford Va. and I must say there is plenty to see down there. We drove her to and from and always made sure we took the scenic view She always laughed at what they thought to be a cold winter.N.E.can be brutal.Robin will soon discover that "there's no place like home"

Nancy M. said...

What gorgeous photos! A lot of those would look wonderful painted!