Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am inspired........

With this new job of mine, that I really really love, I am making so much money that I can't even figure out where to spend it all!!
That's a little white lie, I have it spent in so many different places that it would make your head spin if I told you ALL of my ideas!!
A chunk of my very first paycheck went to Lowes for the supplies for my dearest spouse to build me a new table/frames for my new quilting machine!!!! Woot Woot!!
We both sat down with my Handi Quilter, Youtube videos and my king size mattress and designed the perfect table to accommodate a king size quilt!!
The only problem is.....where in the world could I put a 12 foot long quilting frame??
I really begged for a new room but he laughed at me, he also laughed a while back when I told him they were going in my bedroom!
Well guess what girls, they are going in my bedroom after all.
It is the biggest room in the house besides the living room and he really frowned upon a quilting frame being between him and his TV!!
So as he is working on the frames, I am cleaning and rearranging the bedroom making room for them. This all led to cleaning and organizing my walk-in-closet too.
I never got around to showing you all my closet because it has been sorta topsy turvy for a while.
My bedroom was an addition that we added on about 3 years ago and turned one old bedroom into a walk-in and a small hallway. This is my very first ever real closet in my entire life!!!!
When I moved in there I told Danny that I felt like a Princess!!
I had/have room for furniture in there!!
I have a dresser for Danny's clothes and I had a dresser vanity in there for my jewelry and such with a nice mirror on it but I moved it into the hair studio. I have been sorta on the look out for another highboy type dresser but haven't found the right one yet........but I now have a steady paycheck, hmmmm??? LOL!
I will post pics as soon as I get the closet finished, I am purging and revamping it trying to get the excitement back that I had 3 years ago when I first moved in it!!!

This teensy tiny little picture was borrowed from Flickr and depicts what I really want my closet to look like! (maybe you can click to enlarge)
I have the white walls and cherry wood floors. I need to paint the furniture white and get me a cool chair in there and some stars on the wall and I will have it!! hahaha almost!

I dream of having my closet stuffed with Anthropologie clothes such as this sweater, in a size 6, that fits!
Lots and lots and lots of cool shoes such as these sassy black numbers from Anthro too!
They are only $460 or something like that!
Maybe some Frye boots?
Some more Danskos to add to my collection that I already have?
How about a chest full of Sabika Jewelry?
All the other nurses at work are now adorned daily with this jewelry that matches every scrub that they own. I am way behind them and I have a lot of catching up to do......well there are a few ideas of how to spend my paychecks right? As if I needed any help!!!!
Back to the purging and dusting!
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Amanda said...

Gotta love that Sabika! :)

Brenda said...

You are so full of energy and seem to always find a constructive way to use it! :D

the canned quilter said...

Must see pictures of these frames/table !!!!!!

Nancy M. said...

Glad you're enjoying your job and have a little money to spend! That sweater is beautiful!