Sunday, October 24, 2010


I do I do!
I do appologize for not drawing a winner out of a hat as of yet for the table runner.
I told you it would have been drawn yesterday but I need to explain a few thousand things that have been going on in my life for a few days now, then maybe you will all understand the delay.
I hope so anyway.
That's OK if you don't, because you guys are the ones who have a chance on winning something, not me!
I think I will just drag this out for a couple more days and leave you all in suspense!!!
I think I will explain first........
Do you guys remember my best lain plans that were to come down this weekend around my home? You know it involved white paint and a huge sander?
Well...........the goods are down.....there is white all over my house right now. There is also a chaotic disaster in the rest of my house. I have an entire kitchen in my living room right now. Well not all of it is in there cause all of my pots and small appliances are in my bedroom. To say that it is a chaotic mess is putting it mildly! Very mildly!
I still have a dab of painting to do tomorrow, if all goes well and hopefully the puzzle will be back together by bedtime tomorrow night.
On top of all of this chaos.....drum roll please.........
my STUPID SHINGLES started rearing their ugly heads with a vengence last night.
I had gotten soooo much better but then the fatigue hit me Friday afternoon and I still moved appliances and watched as he sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded some more, then I crashed, out like a light. He made me get up early on Saturday to start painting thru the pain and I did so reluctantly. Of course I did not feel like packing our bags to go to The Fairy's Rest between coats of paint as we had planned, so we had to paint the floor leaving a path to the restroom, hence the need to finish a strip of paint tomorrow. I did not have it in me today to paint at all.
I did get a tad of dust cleaned from all the tiny surfaces in the kitchen.....there is still enough in the rest of the house to strangle a herd of cattle.
I can surely bet money that it will still be there when I feel better and can get around to cleaning it all up too!
Oh yeah and we were much later getting started on the sanding because I was asked to work Friday and I did. However, they did give me tomorrow off! I am so glad of that too!!
My kitchen floor is looking really good though!!!
We are not 100% sure that we are in love with the paint as of yet but we feel that for the most part it is way better than the last choice.
The problem is that it only has a satin finish and we both decided that we would rather have a high gloss or semi gloss finish. The floor paint that we used is supposed to be very durable so we have decided that we will need to wax it. I know, way too much work but I feel that is the only way we will achieve success with our painted floors.
I just won a used floor polisher for $40 on ebay and I am sure it will get some use on these floors. I have not waxed and buffed a floor for about 28 years!! That should really be a treat!
I will post some pictures of the new white floors as soon as the mess is sorta put back together!
Now do you understand why I have not had it in me to write down all the names and put them in a hat or a bowl or anywhere else and ask my dear husband to draw one out?
I will not make any promises as to which day I will anounce the winner but I will try to do it asap!! I wouldn't want to wait either, you all know that I am very impatient!!
Once again, I am sorry for the delay! To make it up to you guys
I am going to up the prize to include a 1st place which is the table runner and a 2nd place which will be a surprise and will be announced on the day that I draw!
Hang on, I'll be back soon!!


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The Preacher's Wife said...

I came across your blog and saw your giveaway for the fabulous table runner. Besides admiring it, it gave me food for thought to write about.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well my dining room table is cleared and just waiting for you to pull my name out of that hat whenever you get around to it;))) Sure hope you feel better soon! Find yourself a good book and head back to bed my friend!

Sandra said...

Tell him it's not painting through the pain, it's PRAYING through the pain!