Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Putting up pumpkins and giveaway reminder......

(photo borrowed from Flickr)
Now I know that all you guys really thought I had this really great display going on out on my front porch but it's not mine. Mine looks way better!! NOT!!
My husband has some sorta phobia about me buying pumpkins for display purposes.
Says that there is no reason to buy a pumpkin that is not going to be carved into a jackolantern
or not to be cooked.
Says something about the fact that they will just sit there and rot away to a slimy mess and then we..ahem..he has to clean them up in the winter time and he is not happy with that task.
For the record I have never asked him to clean one of those shriveled little pumpkin faces up in the winter!!
Funny how I have had this conversation with other women and they all say the same thing about their husbands fussing about the same thing!!! Hahaha It's a girl thing I guess!
However he has won this know I have to pick my battles with him and he has to win every now and again!! ;-)))
So I have resorted to cooking all my pumpkins that come onto this farm.
I reluctantly made my way to the grocery store yesterday, due to almost starvation, and stopped by the little road side produce stand between here and there. Instead of picking out one of those beautiful round orange globes that everyone else was sizing up and comparing, I went over to the ugly pumpkin bin.
The ugly, but oh so beautiful in my book, pie pumpkin bin!!
I bought 2 of those beautiful light orangey colored, far from round beauties just like the one shown above, behind the warty one and kissing the neck of the white one!!
While watching the Major League Baseball playoffs last night I roasted them in the oven, let them cool and scooped out all that flesh. I also had another small "pie pumpkin" that a neighbor gave me. I ended up with a huge bowl of yellow goodness.
Can't you just smell all the pumpkin cakes and pies and cookies and and and....
I had major plans last evening of making a small batch of Pumpkin Butter and canning it until I got on here and read this post
that is on Food In Jars blog about why Pumpkin Butter can't be canned any longer.
Now why doesn't our government just stop bursting my little bubbles???
I guess I will just stick all this pumpkin in the freezer like I usually do and enjoy it for a couple years just like I did the last batch. I froze a huge pumpkin in 2008 and just enjoyed a Pumpkin Cake the other day and it was wonderfullllll. I am not a huge fan of Pumpkin Butter anyway but I was craving it. As I am craving any fall food right now!
The Roasted Acorn Squash was wonderful that we had last night for our dessert during the game but it just left me wanting something more!!!
I am thinking a Pumpkin Pie today with homemade pie crust. I struggled for my whole life with pie crusts but I am getting better with them. I am sure that I will never top Leslie's Apple Pie that Danny was lucky enough to enjoy a couple days ago and he hasn't stopped talking about since. I will see how my pumpkin pie compares to hers in his book!!
She is an awesome cook especially desserts!
She learned how to cook from me!!!
I am a little uneasy right now.............I have been suffering with ups and downs from this crazy crazy bout of shingles!! Talk about a roller coaster ride......I feel good, I feel bad, bad, good, bad, bad, good, good, go to the grocery store BAM before I get out of car feel bad and worse and then so good that I am so pumped and can't go to sleep til 3AM, then I don't want to get up and then I have a head ache due to my circadian rhythm being out a whack, feel bad again!
I have to go back to work tomorrow too.
I will not take any meds tomorrow while I have to work!
I will not I will not, No Mam Mrs Dr Woman I will not take those crazy mess with your mind meds and go to work trying to take care of people!
I will start back on them tomorrow evening after work and finish my course but not during the day!! OK!!!
Now I have to get up and get something done....even though it is raining outside and I just want to go back to bed........ I can't do that cause I have to get some sleep tonight.
haha The sun just popped out oh so bright!! Thank You Lord! Maybe this will be a good day anyway!
Tell your friends about it on your blog and I will give you 2 chances to win!!
Please leave me a comment saying that you posted about my giveaway on your blog so I won't miss you! The drawing will be this weekend when I can get the Birthday Boy settled down enough to draw a name from a hat!!
ps. why does my blog post bunch together like one big paragraph? I ain't got much learnin's but I got enough to know how ta compose a blog post divided in paragraphs! I have them seperated by several spaces and when I post them they will either be bunched into one or have several inches of space between them. HELP!!


retdairyqueen said...

Oh you poor thing
Shingles are the pits I believe Hope you are better soon


Hope you feel better soon ! As for the blog paragraphs it always happens to me its just the website and I even use windows writer to post my blogs and it does the same thing , its a pain ! I myself dont like pumpkin anything, but if I did I bet it would be yummy ! I am more of a Blueberry gal ! Give me pies, cakes, muffins anything with blueberries and I am putty in your hands , MMMM ! Loved your post ! Have a great day !

Nezzy said...

Oh baby I feel for ya. I've been fightin' those dang shingles since Memorial Day and I am better, much better but I'm still gettin' a breakout here and yonder. The dang things just will no go dormant for me. I do so hope you have a better story to tell.

God bless ya and have an incredible week sweetie!!!

Hideaway Girl said...

Your header picture is just gorgeous - Wish that was my view! I love roasted squash and pumpkin goodies of all kinds - we had pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert tonight!!