Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have seen it all now.....

I just stumbled over a great new blog that is too cool to not share with all my blogging friends! This is so way beyond cool. This lady is going places with all her talent!! I have a new grandaughter on the way and I sure hope her mother can build up an imagination and capture her daughters dreams on film. Go on over here and see what I am talking about. WOW!!!!!

I am doing OK today, so far, I do have a lot of new breakout but I was expecting more so it was a treat not to be any worse yet. Thank You Lord for inventing the Lidicaine Patch!! I had such a nice and peaceful rest last night!!


Gail said...

Keep healing!

Mel said...

No kidding... that was awesome!

Hope, you're feeling better soon.

Wow, if that is the view you look at everyday, you are one lucky gal. That's gorgeous country there!

Mama-Bug said...

The photos of the baby were absolutely adorable; her mama did a good job. Hope you're feeling better real soon, you're in my prayers!