Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Buckeyes are here....

Remember my Buckeye incubation story?
I do! I sucked it up and gave it yet another try and it worked!!!!
I really had my doubts though. It took 22 and 23 days to hatch this crowd.
Of course you all know that it takes 21 days incubation for a chicken to hatch out,
wrong, it is up to 23!!!
I had 30 Buckeye eggs and 8 Black Rosecomb Banty eggs.
I hatch 14 Buckeye's and 5 banties.
Look at the difference in the size! The banties are itty bitty!!
The 2 Buckeye's you see in the box are the last 2 to hatch out and the other older chicks tried to pull their wings off, litterally dragging them around trying to pull them off.
I had to place them in the box under the light so they would survive.
When they get a little stronger they will be able to hold their own with the big kids!
I am very happy that I was finally able to contribute to conserving the breed of the Buckeye's. They are on the critical list for endangerment. I know why!
Because they are so dagone hard to get here!!!!!
Of course the parents were getting on up in age and that contributes to the poor hatch rate of the eggs. I now have a start and I will gather some young fertile eggs from them when they start laying and try this incubating again in about 6 months!! I will have forgot how much trouble it is turning the eggs and anticipating all sorts of babies popping out like they did with my batch of guineas last year. That was a great hatch and they all should be as good!!!!!

We have been having the craziest weather for the past several days.
This was the veiw outside about 30 minutes ago.
We have had terrible storms for 30 minutes and then HOT sunny skies for about 30 minutes.
It is so humid out there and this has been a hot rain.
I know that is nothing to complain about but I do anyway!

The rain is ruining all my blooms on my flowers :-(

My Dr Van Fleet rose is just spent!

My Love rose trying to make a show in this heat and humidity.

Ehhh, just so so in the rain....

My hollyhocks, however, are very durable and looking pretty good in the rain.
I can never get enough of these beauties!

He can't seem to get enough of them either.

There is no word on the missing girls.
Yes I said girls.
We heard this morning that there is another girl from my little town missing too.
Danielle lives on the other side of the county.
We do not know if the girls were friends or had any connections or not.
We have also heard that they arrested a man in another state that Danielle had been talking to online and brought him in for questioning but they let him go.
Apparently he had nothing to do with this area at the time.
I hope that is right.
Mama's please keep watch over your children!
Please keep on praying for these families too!
ps~ I just noticed the new picture in my header. This is what came into my mind!!
It looks like an engagement picture.
The bride and the groom to be and the flowers will be roses!!
I'm just saying!!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

Love the new border:)) Cute! Cute! Congrats on all those new babies~ I had zero luck with eggs this year and did give up. Yours are so cute I am wanting to try it again so we have a fresh bunch of pullets. We have had so much rain up north, too, that all the farmers' hay is getting ruined. Sure hope they find those girls safe. I'll be praying!

Kim said...

The new look here is really nice Becky. If you ever decide you might want to ship some of those buckeye babies, let me know. I would love a couple! They are hard to find. Take care!!!

the canned quilter said...

Congrats mama! You will have to keep me informed on the buckeyes and if they do good who knows I may switch from the Buffs that I have had for many years.

I know what you mean about the rain. We are getting the same thing here. It will pour rain and then the sun will pop out and it will be 90. Humidity is awful! Bugs are awful! Garden is starting to scald : (

Isn't that scary with more than one girl missing. My heart and prayers are with their families. WHat a cruel terrible world we live in sometimes. I can't say enough about mama's guarding your children. They are so prescious : )


Sandra said...

Cute chicks! So glad others love chickens so I can buy eggs .

Lorilee said...

It is so neat that you are helping repopulate an endangered breed of chickens. I love the color of that Hollyhock. I definitely understand Blessings,
PS Please keep us updated on the missing girls.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I'm really liking the new blog look.. very nice. Those little hatchlings are so sweet! Gorgeous Hollyhocks!