Sunday, June 6, 2010

So much for "easy" living.....

We spent the day yesterday at The Fairy's Rest power washing and waterproofing our deck.
No way is that in the category of easy living!
It was about 95 degrees there too.
Above is the after pic.
(ignore the Thompson's Waterseal that you see sprayed on the side of the house. I had just cleaned the side of the house too! Oh well I guess it will get it again!)
Danny got the pressure washing starting and then after getting a couple before pics I took over.
He then worked on replacing the guttering on the house.
Two very very hot jobs.
At least I had the spray back of cold water from the pressure washer.
He said he got wet too and he was up on the ladder!
I am not really sure how that happened, Honey! :-)))))
We covered all the plants that were just at the edge of the deck with a tarp and none were harmed with the spray!!

Before. This was the old deck that came with the home.
We had to build a new railing and stairs to make it up to code, and replace a few boards on the floor.

Can you believe how it turned out?
All the wood looks the same now!!
Just like new. I am not sure why it looks like it has a black grain in this picture but it really doesn't. All the blackish mold washed away nicely.
I have never had to do this to a deck before. We have always had either painted porches or concrete patios. We did however build a huge deck on our home last year and we have to treat it this summer. We have one more to go at The Fairy's Rest and then the one here.
I think I will wait for a cooler day to tackle this one!!

Now I am off to churn some butter!!!
Never thought that would really be added to my daily routine!!
My dearest boyfriend repaired my cream seperator and we have seperated about 3 gallons of milk and it is waiting to be made into sweet cream butter!!
I can't wait! Remember my really really cute butter dish that I got for Mother's Day??


Shanda said...

Maybe the faries at faries Rest should get some rest. Loks nice when its all done.

Nancy M. said...

It looks great! It's way too hot to be outside for very long!

Amanda said...

It looks nice. I need your motivation.