Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Climbing Roses!!

Any and all of them!
I have 2 New Dawn Roses,
I just killed the third one by moving it to a new location beside my chicken run, right before our hard freeze.
I could just picture it running up over the run and providing eye candy for me and a nice shady area for my hens to be shielded from the very hot afternoon sun.
Sorta killing two birds with one stone!
I have been looking for a replacement rose for just that same spot
and I am getting ready to paint my chicken coop.....(don't tell Leslie because I want it to be a surprise when I ask her to help me paint it ;-)
It will be the same Stone Grey tannish color of our house and garage.
I felt with that color that a yellow rose would look really well draped over the run.
Yesterday I purchased two Golden Showers Roses and planted them both there beside the run.
I can't wait til they take off.
I am going to plant a Jackmannii Clematis (dark purple) and a Henryii Clematis (white) beside these roses for a beautiful color show next summer!!!
I just can't wait!
Can you feel my excitement?
I am also very excited to share with you a great youtube video of "pegging roses"!
I never heard of it til tonight.
Please let me know if I am the only rose lover out here that has not heard of this.
I love climbing roses and have had the best luck with them of any roses that I have ever tried to grow, but I always felt that they needed support in order for them to flourish.
I have now been informed of other ways to grow climbers.
Watch out folks.....I might just get my rose garden that he promised me anyway!!!!
So Katie Barr the door!
I can stick a climbing rose anywhere!!!!
I have my wheels a turning now!


Leslie said...

So when is this painting supposed to take place. You know I'm a busy girl!!! I have plenty of helpers too!

the canned quilter said...

Your Rose plantings sound lovely. Like you I too love roses. I have an heirloom 7 sisters rose that is just lovely in the spring. It's a monster though : ) Just wondering what zone you're in?