Thursday, June 24, 2010

My look alike

Happy Birthday Grandma Goldie! I sure miss you! Today would be 96 years.

Do you think we look alike? My mom and dad always said that I looked like her and acted just like her too, even when I was a small child. I didn't think so then but I sure think I look like her now. I knew that I always acted just like her and that was a compliment!! I spoke my mind just like her and I pouted just like her. She wrote the book on the art of pouting to get her way, I might add!! Me too, I learned that little trick early in life. My dad would always tell me to pick my lip up before I stepped on it and I would get sooooo mad at him!! Then I got married and I could always pout and get my way with Danny and then somewhere along the line "He" grew out of that!! He wised up to my shananigans I guess! What went wrong Grandma Goldie??? Send me some help!! Please!!!!
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Kim said...

Yes, you do favor her quite a bit! In my opinion there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being like our dear Grandmothers! I loved mine completely, in fact in my post today I honored her. Have a great day!

Galloping Goats Farm said...

It's funny how looks can skip a generation. You do look like her but you look happier than she looks in her picture

Brenda said...

Very interesting ... I agree that you look happier.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Ahhahahaha She did have a very sad look on her face that day!! I have always laughed at that picture of her trying to be serious! She always had a smile (except when she was sitting for this picture) on her face and was the sweetest and funniest person you could ever want to be around!!

Thanks ladies!!!!

LynnS said...

Becky she looks like my grandmother during that era. I'll find a photo and send it along. More similarity than those 50s glasses, too!