Thursday, June 24, 2010

more for and after's......

Looks pretty cool huh?

Nice clean white chairs on a nice clean deck in the dappled shade?

Inviting huh?


It was between 97 degrees in the shade and 110 in the partial sun in Stuart Va today!!

There's no amount of cool lemonade that will quench that heat!

It was too hot to even sit and admire my very first ever Gardenia blooms!!

I was really worried that these were not even going to live let alone bloom but they did!!

They sure do smell good too!

So with the extreme heat I went inside and did some more tweaking on the place and I just have to share some more before and after's with you guys!

I know I know I know you are all sick of seeing this place, just as sick as I am of working on it!!

But here goes anyway.....

Living room before

After, I still have 2 end tables that will be painted and sit on either end of the sectional with the matching lamps. One day!

Cheap art!

My babies in black n white! Too cute!

I knocked the leg out from under the center part of the sectional and dh has to fix it, that's why it is leaning back in the pics.

See the Craigslist $50 TV DVD VCR combo plus TV stand??

"my bedroom" before



my little bathroom before



I made a curtain out of a $1 vintage flour sack towel
from a yardsale and when I hung it it was 1/2 inch too short so I hung the lace panel and made a scarf out of the towel! Cute?

another view

my favorite part the "heart of the home" before

"my big red heart of the home" after!!

These are postcards from a local artist
I love how they turned out!
The middle one is the Floyd Country Store
where the Floyd Jamboree is held every Friday night with great bluegrass music.
It is quite a fling! Folks come from all over the place.
Stars like Bill Monroe, Patsy Cline and Earl Scruggs have been my little ole town!!!

Copper stove hood turned out just right!
Added a nice touch, I think!

More cheap art!!
I think all these pics have been in previous posts on my blog and i just love all of them so I thought it only fitting to display them here!
I mean Leslie has on her beachy/vacationy tshirt in her picture!

I WILL get the chairs painted soon! I will! I promise!!

oops I told you I like these pics! hehehe

My craigslist $30 red microwave fits/blends right in!!

How about my $1 yardsale vintage tablecloth????
I know that I have been complaining alot about all the work that we have been doing there to get the place ready to rent, but I am sorta upset that it's almost done now. Well just a little upset but very very happy at the same time! I am going to find it hard to let some total strangers come into my home that I worked so hard on and tear it up in a couple days. I love to go there now because it is so pretty and clean!!! A far cry from this home!! I am sure that my spouse will be happy for someone else to be staying there for a week at a time so that his housewife will take care of his house again!!!!! We'll see about that! I am not sure what I will be doing in all my free time that's coming up. Well cleaning, gardening, canning, freezing, jelly making, milking, making butter, making cheese, feeding animals,
etc etc etc etc etc............WHAT FREE TIME????
I better be traveling up and down the mountain to clean The Fairy's Rest between overnight guests a lot too!!


Kim said...

Everything looks so GOOD! All of your hard work and gallons of white paint have definitely paid off.

I have to say though, the kitchen re-do is my favorite room, to stinkin' cute for words! As I've said before if The Fairy's Rest wasn't soooooo far away, me and DH would be your first guests!!!!

the canned quilter said...

Everything looks so wonderful that I think if it were me I would hate to share it ! Isn't that terrible of me : ) Hugs

Anonymous said...

That kitchen tablecloth is something. Did you really get it for $1??? I like the kitchen the best, too -- bold red!

When I saw the pics, I immediately picked out the Floyd store! Cloggin' and ice cream and kids dancin with the old timers. I really like that place. (Did you forget to add my name to that list of stars who've been there? Just thought I'd remind

LynnS, Famous Virginian said...

(God punished me for thinking like a smart-a$$ there.....Comment left my keyboard before I could tell you that it's "ME"...famous "me".)

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Lynn you are so funny!!! I did forget to add you to the list! You really had me going there, wondering who I knew that was famous that could possibly know the Floyd Country Store and then it hit me before I read your next comment!! Sorry I will have to do better next time!!

About that cute little tablecloth.....I had started second guessing my self today on whether it really was $1 or not and I remembered blogging about it last year cause I had a big loot that day of yardsaleing, and when I looked it up I had infact given $3 for it!! Oh well I am getting old here! I still think it was a bargain at that, don't you????

Nancy M. said...

It's been way too hot to do anything outside lately! I was thinking it might be cooler up your way, but not really, I guess.

You have a really good eye for decorating! I love everything you've done, especially the kitchen!