Monday, June 21, 2010

My Shabby Little Shack Makeover

Let me first explain myself here......
I am so tired right now that I am in a stupor!
I have uploaded these pictures and I had forgot one so I had to add it in here at the top.
I sure as heck was not going to delete all my other pictures just to put them all in order so you guys could understand them!! Hahaha,
that would take way to much energy that I surely do not have right now!
So here goes anyway......try to follow along with me as I narrate in this dead fog......
My Shabby Little Shack was the first name for The Fairy's Rest, back when it was only going to be our retirement/vacation home and not up for nightly rental.
We are sooooooo close to being finished now that I can taste it!!
Do you have any idea how happy that makes me????

The big bathroom before......hold this thought OK?
(circa 11/2008)
The property 11/2008, we had owned it for over a year at that time and the work finally began.

Today 6/21/2010
Quite an improvement No?

Bathroom after!!!!!
I still have to make the cushion for the little bench out of the fabric that is laying on it now.
Did you know that I like toile??

The armoire is getting ready to turn white and Danny is going to build me some shelves in it to house linens. I can't wait for that!!

Laundry before


I love love love (in case you didn't already know that about me) white paint!!
On everything!!

OMG I love it so much, I could just stand and look at it all day!
I have to make some more curtains for the door.
I robbed these from the kitchen to help keep the sun out today while I worked.
(92 degrees there today)
We replaced the old door with a new one but Danny tore the other new mini blinds when he took them down.....urgh!!!
That's OK cause I got a new door!

Master Bedroom before.
Now, Kerri this ones for you!!!
This was Kerri's bed that she left me in the home when we bought it from her!
I couldn't wait to paint it cause I knew it would be gorgeous, and she couldn't wait to see the room after it was painted. I am not sure why she didn't like the wallpaper in this room????

Morning Fog Blue bed and dresser to match that still has to be moved.
Also the nightstand is on my todo list for paint!!
The room is now white!!
I do have to say the whole room is so much prettier than I ever imagined it could be!!
The bed I knew would be just perfect and it is in my book!!

Robin embroidered this pillow top for me back in the winter and I finally got the pillow made last week. The back of the pillow is Waverly in a blue and light cream toile and I made a valance for the window out of the same fabric. The front of the pillow is made from an old mattesse bed coverlet that I bought at an antique store a while back.

hallway before

Hallway after!!!
I think I have put just the right amount of "shabbiness" on the place.
I didn't want to scare anyone off ;-)))
We are really only a few hours away from the finish line!!
I will be so glad when that checkered flag is dropped too.
It will be so nice to go there and not have to do so much work all the time.
I want to be a guest at The Fairy's Rest one day too!!


Nancy M. said...

It looks great! I told my husband we were going to have rent it so we could see it in person, lol!

Brenda said...

It's sure lookin' good! You've put in a lot of work on your retreat. I hope you get to enjoy it for many years. I'm sure many people will enjoy your creativity as they stay there too.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful! I am tired for you:))) That bed really doesn't fit, tho, it would look so much better in MY bedroom!!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Everything looks GREAT! All that hard work certainly paid off.

the canned quilter said...

OMG you guys did such a great job! I am tired just reading the blog. Hugs

Galloping Goats Farm said...

very cute!