Friday, June 4, 2010

It's summertime and the living is easy.....

I wish it was easy!!

Just lounging around in the shade, eating watermelon with the sweet juice running down to our elbows and spotting up our white cotton Tshirts.

Sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade,

Seining for minnows in the creek to use for fish bait.

Riding in the back of pick-up trucks.....well we can't do that any more.

The sweet smell of fresh hay being mowed, raked and baled.

Chasing lightening bugs after dark,

playing in the creek.

Warm fresh from the patch strawberries.

Family reunions.

Fairystone Park with the family.

BBQ's, hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad,

lots and lots of sweet tea.

Homegrown tomatoes,

New potatoes,

Early Transparent Apples,

Bike rides,

Beach trips,

boating on the lake,

fishing in my pond.

Danny watching vigil over the ice cream maker full of homemade goats milk ice cream!!

(Inside joke here)

Goats, groundhogs or ladies in Mr Morangregor's strawberry patch.

The laughter of children playing with sparklers and in water sprinklers.

Mr Morangregor doing cannon balls and "Geronimo's" off the back of the boat!

The cool feel of moss on a creek bank.
A farmers tan.

A nap in the hammock.

and the list goes on and on and on.............

.......but the reality is that summer brings way to many chores to ever get them all done.

I have to learn to find time this year to do some of those things listed above.

I do have a watermelon that is chilling as we speak!!

In the shiny new $50 fridge that I cleaned up very nicely this morning.

Now if it will only stay that way!

Then it's onto this one.

My motto this year is:

"Who ever helps to clean the boat gets to ride the boat!"

Mr Morangregor is excluded cause he buys the gas and navagates it for us.

Any other takers?

There is a non-suspecting teenager coming to my house this afternoon......maybe I could sneak that one in on her!!

This was just thrown in to show me that it's all worth while!!!


Kim said...

Aahhhhh the sounds of summertime! Lovin' that last picture. Have a spectacular summer!

Fonville Farm said...

I'm sitting here laughing outloud at Mr Morangregor! He's just sooooo cuuuuuute! I'll help clean on the boat the next time I'm in town, not that it would matter any cause you won't take it out when I can go!

Sandra said...

After such a harsh winter, spring and summer are more than welcome!