Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driving me to drinking......

Now doesn't that just sum it all up?
I think this person has a serging machine, don't you?
I have so many funny thoughts running thru my mind right now!
ie. My aunt hiding hot beer in her washing machine so her husband would never know that she drank!!! Yes she would do a lot of laundry and she was always SO happy to do so!!!
Hot Beer????? Yuck! Well yuck for any beer!!
I was also thinking of my mother who called me about a year ago and asked me what kind of serging machine I had.
I seriously had a flash go thru my mind of my mother sitting in her sewing room pulling her hair out and maybe sipping something strong from a flask with a cute vintage sewing machine on it.....all because the thread had broke on her serger and she was trying to rethread it in the proper way one thread at a time in a particular order!!!!!
All the while cursing ME with every breathe while hiccupping between curse words and sips!!!!
But.........being the good daughter that I am I thought everyone should endure that experience at least a couple hundred times in their life so I told her to go for it and she purchased a nice Singer serger like one of mine!
I recieved a call from her last week with a question about her serger.......I just about fell out of my chair when she started the conversation that way, thinking to myself...."Oh No she caught on to why I talked her into buying a serger...."
Actually all was good and she wasn't too very upset with the threading. She said that she was always very patient and took her time to make sure she threaded it in the proper order.
Like me she doesn't have to do that very often.
However if something does go wrong.....such as your 4 year old grandson has a temper tantrum and gets mad at you and decides to "work" on your sergers WILL start drinking something very strong from a flask in your sewing room and not care whether your husband finds out or not!!!
This comes from me getting ready to bite the bullet and scale down and sell some of my 27 sewing machines. OK So I have now told the whole world about my decision and therefor I will be held accountable for doing just that now!
I collect them.
I love them. Even after sitting for hours on end trying to readjust the tensions post tantrum.
By the way they are all running very very smoothly at this time!!
Colton decided that he probably shouldn't "Work" on my machines any more.
(When Leslie got a used machine that I picked up at a yardsale for her and was having some difficulty getting it to sew, Colton told her that he could fix it cause he "always worked on Granny's"........OMG!!!!!!!!)
It is like cutting off my right arm used to turn up the flask.....
to get rid of a sewing machine.
It brings tears to my eyes to just speak of such nonsense.
I mean really?
I bought each and every one of them with a purpose in mind.
I know I know I have a lot of them that do the exact same jobs.......
Sew what???
Please wish me luck and pray for me to get thru this.
I do not want to have to go back to etsy and buy this flask and use it while sitting in my sewing room mourning the loss of one of my machines!
Actually it is soooooooo cute that I may just have to start drinking anyway!!
So if you miss me for a few days, I will either be in the sewing room taking lots of pictures for ebay or in the sewing room in the corner muttering words and hiccupping .............
If anyone needs a sewing machine or serger let me know what you need and I just might have it.....sorry no long arm quilting machines.


Teresa said...

Thanks for the giggles this morning!

Lorilee said...

So funny! Boy Sergers ARE intimidating!

OurCrazyFarm said...

I will go on a prayer vigil for you my friend~ what do you want me to pray for?? That the machines sell, or don't sell, sell, or don't sell?????!!! 27 machines!!! Now there's a confession! I could trade you a goat for one maybe......

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thought you gals would like a laugh on me today!!!!!!!

Terri I don't know what to pray for either. I suppose I want a sign from above that says I can keep all of them (not quite 27 hahehahe) and have some money come in to buy more of them!?!!? Plus have enough room to keep all of them. A man doesn't have to get rid of a saw just because he bought another one, does he?

This is harder than I though tit would be. I have been up there sewing on scraps of fabric and taking pictures. They do tricks that I forgot about :-(((( Maybe I won't have to sell ALL of them???? Now about that trade??? What exactly would you be looking for in a machine? We can probably make a deal! I NEED some more goats to drag me thru the mud and trample me twice a day!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

hahahahaha I had better proof read my comments prior to posting them!!! See if you guys catch that one. Another good laugh on me today my friends.....You're Welcome!!!

the canned quilter said...

OMG 27!!!! I thought I was bad with 5. Wait till I tell OWO that you have that many he can't pick at me about mine anymore.

Maybe I need to send you some of my wine grapes? OWO wants me to put them in a vat and stomp them like the frech women do. I wonder how they get the purple off their toes?

Hugs from The Holler : )

OurCrazyFarm said...

Tahtah! Tahtah! My friend! Guess spell checker doesn't catch your little mistake:))) I am a proofreading nut in my spare time you know:)))