Friday, July 16, 2010

I went on a possum hunt.....

and I got him this time!!!!!

applause applause


Now stop it.....I can't take ALL the credit!

Danny and Colton helped me out here........

This story goes way back to the winter when we had a possum on the porch, then under the chicken coop and then you remember this story about the possum hunt don't ya?

So this week we turned all the 17 baby buckeyes and banties, that I raised in the incubator, in with the hens. I lost one banty the first night and then a buckeye and a banty night before last. Danny and Colton worked on the run of the henhouse last evening hoping no critters could get in but I was still afraid......once you get a free chicken dinner you always want more, right?

I closed the chickens up in the building last night, as it was getting dark, so they would surely be secure, I could not stand the thought of losing any more of my babies.

So I got up this morning and lolly gagged around for a while like usual and then it hit me that I had to go open the door and let them out in the run. As I stepped out the back door I saw the possum running around and around in the run!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I ran inside and grabbed the gun, ran down there, with a haste,

I was not gonna let him get away this time!

Just as I got to the run I spotted something out of the corner of my eye moving around in the run.......................IT WAS ALL 14 OF MY BABIES!!!

I had locked all my babies out of the hen house instead of inside!!!

I am so stupid!!

All the babies were out side and the hens were all inside!

Don't blame me for being blind......Leslie took some scraps down there after I did and emptied them into the run and she didn't see the babies either!!!!

It is a shear wonder that he didn't have all of them for dinner last night.

I guess Danny and Coltons plan worked, it didn't keep him out but it sure kept him in long enough for me to get him!!!!!


Brenda said...

Yea! I'm glad he didn't get your babies. I hope he didn't tell any of his friends where to find a good chicken dinner!

Gail said...

Great job! When they get a taste of chicken, you cannot keep them out.

the canned quilter said...

We too have fought critters in the chicken yard this year. So far we have killed a groundhog under the chicken house and Rosie killed a possum and skunk
behind it. Everybody loves chicken : )

Lorilee said...

I know exactly how you felt! I came upon a raccoon in my run one evening. I went berserk. I ran for the gun too! We spent the last several weeks closing in our whole run with wire.