Friday, July 2, 2010

That man of mine has done it now.....

Yes he has! He has proven his love for me!
I have begged and begged for one of these for a hundred years!
Well maybe not quite that long but a long long long time.
I even bought this great sink from a guy who was having a yardsale and somehow Robin and I, after buying 2 whole pickup loads of goodies from him, were up in his garage that was chock full of goodies like this. I got the sink for $25 and it had almost no rust on it at the time, 4-5 years ago, but Danny thought it was junk and would not even begin to think of putting it to use in or out of his house, so it went to the woods!
Where it gathered more rust!! Urgh!!

He is on vacation as of this morning for a week and I did not give him a list this year, but I did politely ask for this sink to be hung behind the house to use to wash veggies in. He did not stutter or stammer or call me names or anything!! What has he done? He must be in trouble?? Hmm??
I was wanting this hung so bad but at the same time I didn't want it to be hung too permanently cause I might just need it in my barn when he gets it built....(next years vacation list I guess)
So he built me a frame and we can always move it around.....well it weighs 2 ton so it won't be moved very much!
See it's a water collection system too. He is so smart!
He is going to run the water into a receptacle and have a spout with a hose so we can run it out of the receptacle to the garden below!! woot woot!!
Right now a five gallon bucket will suffice!

I wanted the faucet but I was soooooooo afraid to ask for it....afraid to push my luck, I was just going to use the water hose.
He said "Don't you want a real faucet?" I said "Oh you mean you can do that?"
gotta know how to play them men!!

Can you just imagine all the use that one would get out of an outdoor sink like this?
Washing veggies straight from the garden is number one on the list!
Those dirty potatoes and onions especially!
I just had to put the enamelware dipper out there so my grandkids can experience sharing a dipper with everyone else in the family like we used to do!!

See the galvanized laundry sinks behind there??.........well they go with my wringer washer that I would use if I had a way to get hot water to it. I think I have finally dropped enough hints about where that should be placed by now........he is even giving me new it is on his mind now!!! He said we would dig out under the deck behind where the sink is sitting now and pour concrete, place a cover under the deck above for cover from the rain and run hot and cold water down there for the wringer to be used!! OMG I am going to faint!!!
He really does love me, doesn't he????


the canned quilter said...

OMG I have a sink just like that ! I mean absolutely identical....must be that sister thing! I am so going to copy your idea. Wonder if OWO loves me that much? We shall see !

Gail said...

Outside sinks are the cat's meow!

Mom used a water heater of a sort for her wringer washer. You plugged it in and one end went in the water. It had a round piece on the end that heated the water. Maybe you could find something like that.

Lorilee said...

We have a flexible drain hose attached to our outdoor sink. I move it around the garden. I roll it up when I till!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Danny is now my 3rd favorite husband~ of course Rob and Uncle Jim being #1 and #2! Could you please, please, pretty please send him up here to install one for me, too??? And while he's here the guys could just build that pantry I've been bugging about for years and install an antique sink in there, too. You can come, too~ We'll find something fun to do;))))

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Danny is on top of my list right now :-)))))) How many sinks do you have Terri?? I do need to come see your stuff, I mean visit with you!!! hahaha

Gail, that sounds like a water bucket heater element thingy!! GOOD IDEA!!! I'll have to research those!! If I beg enough he will finally run the hot water thru the wall to the machine for me to use! I am not hauling buckets of hotwater to that wringer!!! I am not anymore that is!!!

Lorilee.....GOOD IDEA for the hose....I HAVE ONE OF THOSE COILED HOSES THAT I AM NOT USING!!! I will use it on the water collection thingy that we come up with and hose it into the garden!! Thank You!! Love you all!!