Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Swimming Pond......

(Photo from an online swimming pond source)
Nope that is not me in that picture above.
I could very well be floating around on my back in that beautiful clear water though.
I did just that today in our fishpond/swimming pond!
It has been around 100 degrees every day this week while Danny has been on vacation.
He has been working of and on each day on the hill above our pond building a fence, digging post holes and running wire, and has threatened to just jump in.....he can't swim and the life jackets have been at the other's a shear wonder that he hasn't sailed in any way as hot as it has been. I wouldn't blame him if he did.
I too have thought about it all week.
When we built the pond we just knew that it's location would leave us the coldest water around these parts, and the fact that it is spring fed from a spring that is right beside it.
We never even thought we would be able to swim in that pond!
However the first year that it filled up it was so hot and that water was so inviting that we decided to try it.
It was just perfect!
The water was so warm.
We swam and swam and swam.
The girls and their families came over several times to swim with us.
I made big plans on how we would fix the area up to look like a swim beach at the lake.
I dreamed of getting up early on summer mornings and swimming laps across the pond before breakfast. Swimming and sunbathing all afternoon.
Who was I kidding here?
The end of that summer we spotted a couple turtles and a snake.
The next Spring another snake.
Danny had some excavating to do around the pond and cut the timber off of the hillside before we could finish the work that we wanted to do....the dream of how the place would look had to be put on hold til he got the time to do all that work.
We then saw all the creepy crawlys and I put a big halt on the plans!!
It turned off dry and the spring almost dried up to where we only had a small trickle of water coming in. The eco system of the pond was so screwed up that we had so much string algea that we would have gotten strangled had we tried to swim in that dirty water.
So we gave up for several years now...often threatening that we should just jump in anyway.
Fast foward a couple more years..........The water has come back full force in the spring and we have a big swoosh of water feeding the pond. The eco system has finally come into it's own and the water is clear as a crystal.
So in we went today and OMG we had a blast!!
I found a life jacket for him. I can swim but i used Emma's little yellow ducky float to play around on.....hence NO pictures!
We had so much fun and we discussed at length how we would go ahead as planned and finally finish up our lake beach type area. We might even get a sliding board for the grandkids to slide from the dock!!!
He will haul a load of sand in, ( I am thinking white sand like Destin Beach Fla) he has already leveled the area off beside the dock for the beach.
I want some lounge chairs to sit on the grass above the sandy area.
He is going to put a cover over the dock with a shelter that extends back from the water where we can have a picnic table, a grill and a small fridge. An outdoor lakeside kitchen!!
We already have power down there.
We will have to have a johnny house like Terri's!
OMG Just speaking of this makes me sooooo happy!
We did not see any snakes or other creepy crawly's today so I will just have to suck it up and grow me a ......well grow up and not be such a fraidy cat anymore!
Danny said that when they see the 2 great white whales jump in the water they all run for their life anyway!!
We plan to get on this newest/rescheduled project soon so we can enjoy the rest of the summer in the water!
If you can't reach me in the mornings I just may be swimming those laps ;-)))
Won't you come join me for a swim?
I promise the snakes will run when they see me in that child size rubber ducky float!!!!
I bought me a green alligator float tonight!! I will let you use it!!
You guys just have to come and see Danny do a "Geronimo" off the dock like he does off the back of the boat!! OMG It will crack you up! Sorta a bellyflop/cannonball!!


the canned quilter said...

Oh my I am so coming swimming!! My lily white legs alone will scare the snakes away for you : ) I'll be right along....

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well just hurry up cause we have a snake in our garden pond this morning!!!! OMG I spotted him carrying a goldfish out in his mouth. Danny was standing on the pond bank trying to catch one of the many bullfrogs and take it to the big pond, when I spotted the snake coming up right in front of his foot. He didn't see it in time and has chased it for a couple hours now!! It's about 18" long.
I told him to get his swim trunks on and do a Geronimo right over in the middle of the pond and it would run!!!

Brenda said...

Your swimming pond sounds like so much fun. What a wonderful way to cool off on these warm summer days. I know you'll make it beautiful!

OurCrazyFarm said...

I'm still lauging at the vision of Danny doing a Geronimo!! And you and your little ducky!! Too funny!!

Our dreams of a pristine pond have given way to frogs and turtles and green skum, too. One day we'll get to fixin it up the rest of the way. For now the kids (and all the friend's kids)and the dog don't mind at all.

Umm, you've heard about my building skills haven't you?? Roofs that blow off and no wall as crooked as the next??! That little outhouse has become the favorite building on the back forty tho I have to say that:))

OurCrazyFarm said...

By the way my friend~ the new picture on the header is FABULOUS! I am desperately in need of a new camera and may have to break down and work a couple of 13 hour shifts for one just like yours:))) Beautiful shot! So dreamy looking!!! It almost makes you believe all those on projects on the list really will get done and will be better than you ever dreamed they would be:)))