Thursday, July 15, 2010

When you spend the day with your Granny....

you smile ALL day long.
you play with cute puppies.
you play with cute baby goats.
you spoil cute puppies.
you make cute puppies mean.
you clean and scrub all the animals watering tubs and feed troughs with Granny.
you feed animals.

you dodge all the hummingbirds at the feeders.
you "play" (that's what he called it) in the garden.
you discuss and compare your mother's and your granny's gardens.

you smile all over yourself while picking yellow wax beans.
you beg to help break them.
you eat fresh cucumbers from granny's garden which is your favorite food.

you admire really cute puppies.
you feed cute puppies.

you love really cute puppies.
you swim in the pond, just you and granny.
you pick wild blackberries.
you milk goats.
you watch a lot of cartoons on "the cool cartoon channel, Boomerang".

you rub it in to your little sister that she didn't get to stay with granny and do all this cool stuff.
you let that little sis and your mother eat dinner with you that you picked from the garden.
you help papa repair the chicken lot so the possum doesn't get any more baby chickens.
you whine that the possum has alreay killed 3 baby chicks.
you listen to your little sis say 427 times "it's not fair that I didn't get to stay here today".
you laugh at her.

you end the day with a gut bursting dinner of beef hash over biscuits, cucumbers, german pink tomatoes, chive smashed potatoes, yellow wax beans, green beans and a big ole glass of sweet tea.
you whine because you ate way too much to be able to cut the watermelon that has been in the spring box cooling for a couple days!!
all in all I think Colton really really enjoyed his stay because he asked to stay again tomorrow so we could do more fun stuff!!

(Nana's Yellow Wax Bean recipe)
fabulous and sooooo easy!!!


Brenda said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Nancy M. said...

What an awesome day for a boy!

Leslie said...

That boy had such a fun day with Granny that he slept past 8:00 this morning. Which is very unusual for him. Emma can't wait til she can spend the day with Granny by herself next week. Thanks for the fun day for my little man!!! and the delicious supper!

the canned quilter said...

Wow Granny! Can I come play sometime ?