Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where were my girls when I needed them?

As you all know we have a big/biggish fishpond and we LOVE to fish in it and better than that we love to feed our fish and watch them come up to eat.
This year the mosquitos have been so bad that we,well I, could hardly stand to go down there at night. Of course I am fortunate enough not to be as sweet as my girls and have them eat me up but they still drive me crazy buzzing around my ears.
So bad in fact that I resorted a while back to buying one of these:

Hahaha! Me with a bat house??? Pretty funny huh?
I was very desperate to get rid of the mosquitos!!
So I bought this one from Lowes and it said on the instructions where and how to hang it and we did just that and it also said that in 30 days from the time you hang it you will have bats!
I told my father about this cause he has a fishpond and surely has mosquitos and I thought maybe he would find it interesting that we have a bat house.
Well he told me then that bats were getting to be endangered in Virginia...probably everywhere now......and that if I did not already have some bats that there would not be any to come to my bat house. At least he did not think they would.
I said "Oh well the house looks pretty up on the side of that tree anyway."

We have been watching and watching for bats and saw none.
Last night was the first time that we were down there fishing for a long while and we left before dark. Tonight however we sat there while I was catching fish right and left....he caught zero.........and all of a sudden I almost fell over in the pond when some sort of flying creature came zipping by my head. I yelled bat!! Well "BAT" was more like it and he said it wasn't. Then it kept coming back and flying around and around on the top of the water and he suddenly realized that we did have bats!! Probably 6 of them and maybe more!

I had to leave before it was completely dark cause of the huge water snake.....

Build it and they will come! At least that's what I have heard!!
I can't wait to tell daddy that I have bats now.
Of course we aren't 100% sure that they are living in the bat house but we have never had bats there before so we are thinking the folks were right. I just wish I would have paid more attention to the date that we hung the house and watched closer each night for them to come out at dark. I am waiting to see them fall out of their bat house like these on this youtube video!
Go over there and watch it if you are not squeemish and a fraidy cat like I am!!

Eeeuueeewwwhhhhh!!!!! Yuuuuccckkkkkkk!

It was a great joy to watch them for a while working that water surface for mosquitos tho! They say that in one night a single bat can consume 3000 mosquitos!
Who sits around and counts them?
I am happy if they get 300 each night!

I sure wish my girls were here tonight cause they love bats and snakes and I am sure they would have loved it!!!

I have a feeling that there will be some colorful dreams in my head tonight!!
OMG!!!! Bats and snakes........


LilacCottageGoats said...

I have bats here on my property too. I love to watch them fly around catching bugs around our outside lights. My bat live down in my woods and come up to my house every night. Enjoy you bats

Shayla said...

Thats good that you have bats, I'm not sure I like the sound of the snake though - shudder!

the canned quilter said...

Bats live in my shed and come out every night. We don't mess with them. Look under your bat box and see if there is any poop and you can tell if they are using it. It kinda looks like mouse poop except it is shiny !

Gail said...

Purple Martins are also wonderful mosquito eaters.

Brenda said...

That's pretty cool! I hope they take care of your mosquito problem so you can enjoy evenings by the pond.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well we have found that the bats aren't living in the house yet. Maybe they will move into it when they discover it. I think they are living in a big poplar tree at the top of the hill from the pond. They just wake up and do a nose dive down hill to the pond for their breakfast!!

They have been coming back each evening now!!!!!! We also have some barn swallows that work the yard and garden area and sometimes the pond for bugs too! They eat by day and the bats by night!

Nancy M. said...

I didn't even realize bats ate skeeters! How cool! I think they are fascinating, I would love to have some around!