Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mountain Feist puppies!

Leslie's Mountain Feist, Chi Chi had 9 puppies about 5 weeks ago!
Yes 9 puppies!!
Leslie and her family had the nerve to take off to Myrtle Beach this week and leave Danny and I in charge of this herd of pups too!
What fun it has been, let me tell ya!
9 pups this age and size in one place is a hoot!!
Leslie and her family are missing these little guys really bad she says.
I will be a missing them next week too.
All but one, we are bringing Miss Roxy home with us!
She is the only female out of the 9...WOW!!
(they decided that they like dry dog food like the big dogs tonight)
This big bad boy is MoJo!
Leslie and Travis are keeping him.
OMG this little fella will take your hand off.
He is so dagumed mean!
It's hillarious to watch him.
He will be a good guard dog for them.

Chi Chi is such a good mommy too.
Could you just imagine breast feeding 9???
OUCH they have lots of teeth too!

I never got a picture of all 9 of them together.

They were everywhere!
Like trying to keep up with 9- 2 year old children, only cuter!!

It was also around 100 degrees again today so they were panting a lot with all their playing!

Roxy on the left and Mojo beside her.

This little fella wants to come home with me really really bad but Danny says no.
He says we do not need another mouth to feed!
So I will be the one spoiling Roxy!
I am going to make a sissy dog out of her...teheeeeee
I have already named him Spot!

Spot is doing tricks to try and win my love..........he can roll over already and he is only 5 weeks!
Danny has a plan for Roxy.....our neighbor at The Fairy's Rest, Jesse, has a mountain feist named Patch. She looks just like Roxy! Patch is a really good squirrel dog......need I say more??
Danny has to keep up with the hunting friends ya know.
If Roxy is as smart as Patch he will be happy.
He says these are going to make good hunting dogs cause of their wide noses!!
We will see.
He had her treeing tonight up on the side of a tree too.
Gotta get em started young!
I know there will be a lot of sad faces in the next couple weeks when all but one of these guys leave for their new homes!!

Love the little red guys, don't you?

Roxy!!!!! hahaha

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...........
I wish you all could have seen these little dudes in person, they are almost as sweet as little baby goats!


Shayla said...

Only ever had one dog at a time before I probably can't imagine what looking after nine pups is like. It looks like it might be fun though.

the canned quilter said...

Oh my gosh all you need now is a couple kids to throw in there with them. Talking about heaven they are just Toooooo cute.

Kim said...

Too stinkin' cute for words!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

My goodness, I bet that was a fun time.. just look at'em! Adorable!

Leslie said...

Travis said he was glad someone loved the puppies enough to put pictures on their blog of them. I will soon! Thanks for taking good care of my babies, they were all very fat and happy when we got home! Yes there will be sad faces around beginning tomorrow as these cuties start leaving:(

Dawn Rae B said...

Love these beautiful pups! And so glad I found this blog this morning!