Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage outdoor farm & garden sink......

OWO this one is for you!
You can clean your fish in it!
Look how happy he is cleaning them at his new sink!

We went fishing in the pond and "I" caught these three bluegil and a small bass that we threw back. He only caught a small catfish. When I pulled my first bluegil in I asked him if he wanted to keep it and he said Yes that he needed to try out the new sink to clean fish!!
He got to use it first too!!
I just want to stare at it, and I did til dark tonight!
Oh Yeah I have lights out there too........
He asked me tonight when I had ever asked for it to be hung before yesterday?????? Said he didn't remember me asking him to do so!


Lorilee said...

LOVE outdoor sinks. My Granny had one in her backyard in front of the "wash house". She cleaned chickens, veggies etc. in hers. I am thrilled to have an old sink, drainboard and all, behind my garden shed next to my garden.

Brenda said...

Very nice! I'll bet you both put that sink to a lot of use.

Shayla said...

Its great what guys can do when they get motivated.

Sandra said...

Oh yeah. Now, it's his idea; been there, done that.


the canned quilter said...

OWO just walked away shaking his head with a grin. What ya want to bet my sink gets up though. He said we have too much fun thinking up things for them to do ! Hugs : )

OurCrazyFarm said...

Rub it in! Rub it in! Now I am going to have to watch and see how long it takes OWO to give in to peer pressure. Hey~ does that work when it comes to getting sinks installed? There's a beauty sitting in my garage just waiting for it's turn on the list:)

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

hahahaha the race is on now to see who gets their sink hung first, Terri or the canned quilter!!!! Good Luck girls!! I do have to say that Danny loves the compliments on the things he does for me! He is walking around telling everyone to come on over and see what he made for me out of an old junky sink!!! He is anxious to hear who gets their sink first too!! Get this....he said this morning that he was going to build a roof over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His idea too!!

I still haven't used it, he won't scoot over so I can get to it!!LOL!!! I think I will run out there while he is weedeating and play in it!! I might just sit in it for a while!!!!!!!