Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr Big is handing out cigars, it's sextuplets!!!!

Standing watch over his new family!!
Carrie is a teeny tiny little thing but she has a big wide wing span and I am sure that I might see those wings spread a lot in the coming days because of her protecting her little uns!!

Danny raised her up this evening and found 6 babies all tucked up under her wings drying off!!
(and I mean really tucked under there!)
YAY!!!! YAY!!!!!
I have never had a hen to set on a clutch of eggs and actually hatch them!!
I am so tickled!!
There are 7 more eggs so there may be some more!
Best I remember this is day 21.
However, you know that I don't know much about that counting how many days it takes a chicken to hatch ;-))))
They are sooooo tiny and soooo darned cute!
I can't wait to see her running about the barn yard and the babies running along behind her!! Then Roxy running along behind them.....and there goes Carrie spreading those wings........
I am not sure who is more excited Danny or me???

Here is Mr Morangreggor in his cucumber and melon patch.
We have only 3 cukes and they have produced sooooooooo many, I have already made a big patch of lime pickles and will be making dill pickles tomorrow.

We have one Sugar Baby watermelon plant that came up but it is loaded with watermelons!!!
Drum roll please......
this is our first watermelons that we have ever grew!!!
Thank You Thank You!!!!!!

and looky here.....what do ya know??? It's a cantalope!!
another drum roll please......
you guessed it...first ever cantalopes!!!
There are several on the one vine that are bigger than a softball and there are many little ones and it's still blooming!! Yay Yay!!!!
Babies everywhere!!!!
A big drum roll please...........
Robin and Eric are expecting too!!!!!!
March 21st!!!!
Prayers needed please!!
Gotta get to bed now....we have 240 ears of corn to freeze tomorrow!!!


Brenda said...

Congratulations on all of the babies and fruitfulness!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Love the title of this post Becky.. lol!

the canned quilter said...

Congrats on the sextuplets! Melons looking good and a new grandbaby too we are just full of good news today : ) My corn is not in yet.

MamaTea said...

Found your blog through Thistle Cove it! Congrats on the baby chicks and the baby fruit and the human babies as well! What a fruitful place...what's in your water??