Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful weather here today!

Sunny and warm in 70"s and just a lovely day for a picnic. The girls came over and ate lunch with us this afternoon. I understood the weather to be cold today so I had planned on an inside meal but we ate it outside. Danny had built us a very big picnic table several years back and it holds the whole family at one sitting.

We had a great meal of chicken and dumplings, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, raspberry cupcakes and yummy homemade goats milk raspberry ice cream. We are really enjoying this milk.

Colton couldn't hardly sit still to eat because he had Jet, the baby calf, on a lead walking him and tied him to the fence to eat and then went right back to playing with him. I am not sure who had the most fun Colton or Jet. Emma is scared of the calf unless he is on the other side of the fence and Colton loves to fret her.

Danny had a BRILLIANT idea today to take the boat down to the fishpond and back it in far enough to be able to crank the motor to check it out before heading to the lake next week weather permiting. Sounds like a good idea, huh? Well I wasn't sold and most of the time I am right (Of Course!). It turns out I was semi-right. He got the boat and trailer stuck in the fish pond and it was so funny to watch him try to retrieve it. He had to go up on the hill and get the Skylift and pull it out. It was a big ordeal but at least he was happy that the boat cranked right up and idled really good. I took a lot of pics that I will have to post soon. ...too funny.

I can't wait to hit the water.

Tonight after milking and feeding the mongrels on the funny farm we went fishing in the pond. We were fishing for Crappie but we had terrified them so badly that we didn't even see a bluegill and they are usually all over us. So that was a dry run.


Sage said...

LOL you fish for crappie too? LOL! Hubby does a lot of crappie fishing too..matter of fact, his brother owns a 'fishing store' (I guess is what you'd call it)called get this THE CRAPPIE HOLE!" ohhhmygawd! LOL..
Anway..too funny! And yeah 'dry run' is what we did this weekend too..didn't catch a thing! Ahh better luck next time!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

How funny "The Crappie Hole". I love it! I am sure that draws in the business!!!!!!

We are beginner "crappers" and we don't know much, heck we don't even know if there are still any in the pond! LOL Stocked 100 3 years ago and have not seen a single one, but of course they don't come up to eat with the bluegill.

We'll have to get lessons from your guys!!

Sage said...

Hubby says with minnows..that's what they eat. If you're doing it from the boat..straight line with a tiny weight, let the minnow swim. But if you're fishing from the bank, put the minnow under a float/bobber/cork.