Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new cleaning schedule!

My wonderful friend Sage from down south has inspired me to make out a cleaning schedule to use each week for cleaning my house. She has an assignment for each day Mon thru Fri with the anticipation that the house will be clean come the weekend and only a little maintenence is due on those days. I have now adapted a similar routine for my house.

I have made an assignment for each room or rooms to be cleaned on a different day and it will remain on that day each week. It took a little thought on how to group these rooms together and which days would work best. I came up with a plan where I will also add vacuuming the whole house twice weekly on Tues and Fri. The laundry and mowing of course will have to fall whereever necessary according to the weather.

Monday= kitchen and breakfast room

Tuesday= Laundry room and foyer, vacuuming

Wed= porches/hottub room/ barns and outbuildings (gathering tools to one central area and a little more than just maintence on these areas)

Thurs= Bedroom/ half bath/ office

Fri= Living room/ dining room/ big bathroom and vacuuming

If these areas are cleaned every week as assigned it shouldn't take over 1 to 1 1/2 hours tops to clean each day. Of course I still have the daily chores of kitchen duty and picking up and straightening up in each room, preferably 10 minutes or less in each room.

I got started yesterday which was Wed and I got those things done and actually backed up and cleaned a couple areas from the previous days trying to get on track with the new schedule so that things would be looking good come the weekend. I would love to have some Saturday mornings, if dh is working, to be yard saleing or thrifting instead of doing housework or we could even be out on the lake. I am not sure of how much of either of these pleasures I will be able to partake in this year due the high gasoline prices....that stinks too.... maybe I'll just stay home and garden and sew!!!

I really feel that this system will work for me because I will stay focused on one room at a time and not stray away from the assigned area. I have always spun my wheels it seems where cleaning is concerned and I felt that all I ever seemed to accomplish was surface cleaning. I am ready to get in there a little deeper now!!

Let me know if you have a similar strategy for cleaning your house!

Have a blessed day!


Sage said...

Sounds like it's working for ya there Becky! YOU GO GIRL!!

(and boy do I know what you're feeling with those gas prices!) Just going to visit the daughter and new grandbaby once a week is a crunch I feel!

Keep up the good work!! I'm right there with ya..doing the same chores!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks for the encouragement!! My house is looking great!!