Monday, May 12, 2008

I can't believe I'm telling this on myself!

I have felt the need to share funny stories with you guys today whether you want to hear about them or not!

A couple years ago I owned a BRIGHT SCREAMING SCHOOLBUS YELLOW Chevy S-10 pickup that is UNFORGETABLE and very RECOGNIZABLE!!!! Visualize this now so you can get the picture.

Robin and I were in Christiansburg one Sunday afternoon about 2 years ago in my yellow truck. We decided that we had to go to ChickfilA which is at the front of the shopping complex with all the big stores like Target and Home Depot and many others, you know it's the happening spot. Of course you would HAVE to run into someone that you know every time you go there and especially if you go and do something really stupid you will be spotted.

As we were turning off of the main highway that circles around to the back entrance of ChickfilA we noticed Robin's EX and his new wife and the 3 girl's, Morgan (Robin's daughter) included, was coming up beside us and proceeded thru the light and then made a right turn on the other side of ChickfilA which takes you to the front entrance to their parking lot. When you come in the back way you have to circle the whole building in order to get in line at the drivethru because of a BIG CURB that you would have to negotiate that is almost immpossible to maneuver around.

WELLLLLLL!!! I got it in my mind real quick that they were going to ChickfilA's drivethru also and said "I be darned if they are going to beat me there". You know it's the principal of the matter~~~~~~ SO I took off and decided while going in on 2 wheels that the curb would be no real problem for my little truck and kinda 'jumped' it. There was no one else in the line at the drive thru OK... Well I threw Robin up in the air and she hit her head on the ceiling of the truck, good thing she is hardheaded!!

We beat them!!!

They actually just kept going on over to the other stores. So there we were first in line for MONDAY morning cause they are closed on Sunday anyway!!!
We have never laughed so hard in our lives!!!!!!

I asked Morgan if they watched us and she said they didn't even see us!!!! Boy did they miss a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sage said...

LOL for you guys to run so hard and fast, it MUST have been a vampire bat!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Stopping by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Hugs, Maryjane