Monday, May 12, 2008

A little digging up the past here!

My new and very dear friend from down in Sunny South Carolina (yes that was meant to be sarcastic cuz it is COLD and raining here) shared with all of us a really funny story on her blog today about LOO the mouse so I thought of a past story about a "Critter of sorts" in our house. The friend I am speaking of is The Hedgewife, Sage, you can reach her from my link and you should go visit her cuz she is a lot of fun and inspiration!!!!

Once upon a time circa 1989ish ---- The girls and there father and I had just returned from somewhere, anywhere, nowhere don't remember where and it was almost dark. We were renting a VERY LARGE and VERY OLD farmhouse at the time that had a very dark foyer. Robin was about 12ish and Leslie 8ish and I was 16ish at the time. hehehe We opened the front door and all of us came kinda rambling in tripping over each other pushing each other, you know how a family of four can be. On the wall of the foyer were a couple nails that once hung pictures from the previous tenants and of course I had not decorated or removed the nails and I did not worry about them I just KNEW that they were there.

Leslie being the youngest was the first to venture thru the foyer and stopped dead in front of me, the other 2 stumbling into us of course, and looked up on the wall of the foyer for a brief second and yelled at the top of her lungs "MOUSE".

What a mouse on the wall? What?? I was eyeball to eyeball with this "MOUSE" and all I could think of was 'how did a mouse get up on this flat wall' ---'was he dead or alive' --- and then I noticed a long tail and I thought 'Danny must of caught him or found him and hung him by the tail up on one of those nails to scare us.' I had 6 eyeballs staring over my shoulder and 2 eyeballs staring me in the face approximately 4 inches from me while I was trying to decipher what the heck was going on. Danny really did it this time if he in fact had hung a dead mouse on a nail in the house, how cruel and stupid a trick. I KNEW that those sissy girls I was raising was just like me and they wouldn't come near a mouse by choice, so why in the world were we all standing there for what seemed like 10 minutes staring at this one in the face? Big Question!!!!

Well all of a sudden at the same time all of our brain cells started working again after the initial shock wore off I guess, and all 4 of us belted out at the same time in an ear pierceing shreek """BAT""". You should have seen 3 of us scramble in place, pushing each other not being able to decide which way we should go and covering our heads while still screaming over and over "bat" " bat" "bat"... like that bat wasn't having a hayday over the show we were giving him for free...

Well Robin and I took off upstairs together, it was to each his own but I think she dug fingernails into me and I drug her with me or maybe it was the opposite I am not sure but anyway we went to her bedroom at a high rate of speed and SLAMMED the door.. lol.. Leslie at the same time, see she was farther into the house than any of us and she could NOT go back by "THE BAT" ,had to take off thru the dining room and also slammed the door.

This left Danny in the foyer with this "BAT" all by himself. Well being the great white hunter and protector of his whimpy little family of "GIRLS" he proceded to do what any hunter of big game would do===== he pulled off his ball cap and scooped it off the wall and instead of turning around and throwing it out the front door cuz it was closer, walked thru the dining room and kitchen and threw it out the kitchen door to safety, or so he thought. You remember our least little frail girl child was in the dining room right. Well we thought so until we heard screaming from outside. She decided that behind the diningroom door was not safe enough and if the bat was inside then she would go out the back door and sit in the car!!! That was OK until her dad decided to throw that creature out the back door next to the car!!! She screamed bloody murder I mean to tell you until we went out and got her out of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gets it from me!!!


Sage said...

((hehehehe))'s all the same..funny funny stuff! You gotta admit, small creatures sure do make for some memorable laughter!

Leslie said...

Telling stories about your scaredy cat daughters is not very nice. Especially after you just got a nice mothers day gift. And if I remember correctly I was the tomboy who used to chase you and Robin around with mice and spiders. Anyway too funny:) Maybe the reason my kids are scared of everything is because it runs in the family!!

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