Friday, May 30, 2008

Sticking to it!!

Oh yes! Finally a cleaning schedule that is going to work!! I am sure it will have some glitches here and there but for the most part I can see it working out very well. There will be days that other plans will get in the way whether scheduled or not and this plan should workout well if I have to miss a day here or there. After all I had to play catchup to get this far in the week where I started late and there has been plenty of time for that.

It really feels good knowing that I am leaving each room finished! Not half way cleaned but cleaned very well. Of course there are other things that I want to accomplish in each room now that I have no doors on the bathroom cabinet are shot but the cabinet is in great shape so I am ready to make some fabric curtains for there. The trim in the new bedroom has to be finished, small job, but... and the bedskirt and curtains for that room have to be finished. I am hashing around plans for a quilt/comforter/duvet cover for that room also....we'll see!!

Then on to the foyer~~~~ curtains to be made ~~~ kitchen needs new curtains too. I have to make a cushion for my glider and paint it.....paint my kitchen table...paint the kitchen and breakfast room floor....and the list goes on and on.....maybe I'll get some of this done this weekend while dear hubby works!!! maybe I need a list for these projects too!!!!

Off to enjoy my clean house!!!!


Sage said...

Now..that sounds like me..I'm a list maker! That's what I did once I started doing room at a time cleaning. I'd make a list of things to do/decorating and seasonal cleanings that needed to be done. WHEW! We list makers sure do sound a like don't we??

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

If I can save enough energy from all the cleaning to be able to tackle the other things will be the big challenge!!!!