Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Sage" this is for you!!

Here is my walnut dough bowl and rolling pin that I found at a yard sale last summer for $35. It is shown with my rendition of a Bob Ross!! The spinning wheel lamp is an Ebay find!!
I made the mini log cabin quilt!

A closer view! Man I am craving a hot buttered biscuit!
Look at that grain! Oh and the chest of drawers is OLDER than ME!!! Yes, older than dirt!!

I have had it my entire life. It has been with me as long as my skin has!!
And this is my incredibly clean quaint living room. Thanks to you I have a lot of clean rooms this week!! You can just barely see the edge of the wood basket that is beside the wood cook stove and it has some newspapers sticking out, maybe not as clean as I thought, huh?

The sectional is just right for the two of us, his and hers! The big enormous crock in the corner came from an antique's store and I am planning on a big batch of 14 Day Pickles, just like Mama used to make, this summer and some kraut this fall. The coffee table was another yardsale find. The entertainment center was a wonderful buy from Leslie and Travis cuz they had to have a big screen HDTV!!! their loss right? And I made the curtains and painted the floor red!!!
Pretty frugal, huh?
The portraits on the wall are my precious little girls that I reproduced in acrylic, don't look too close.
And if for some strange reason you happen to see three different colors of paint on the wall you will need to get your computer serviced. I have heard of some of those puters that do just that and if in fact you do see three different colors please don't tell anyone just get it fixed soon.

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Sage said...

ACK! I guess I need to get my puter fixed! LOL
Hey're making me jealous now! Mine don't look that good today! LOL I'll have to post pics soon. My dinning room is the only thing that stays semi'pristine'..and yeah, we use it ..only at dinner! LOL
It's all looking great! LOVE your doughbowl and rolling pin! GREAT PRICE on those! Good find!
I didn't know you had an artistic streak in you! NOW I'm really sure we're sisters! I'll post some of my paintings some day..I have very few here, cuz I usually give them away!