Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 7 year anniversary in our home!

This is the inside of my new dairy barn and milking stanchion. The barn is shown below near the white picket fence. Not intended to be a barn but sure made a nice one. The doorway is about 2" too short though and I have cracked my head on it too many times to count, maybe one day I will learn to duck.

Look at my old wringer and wash sinks. I love to use them!!

It is hard to believe but we moved in 7 years ago today. I wish I could post the before pics because we have done so much around here. A new roof, vinyl siding, foundation and rock, lots of buildings, a new bedroom on the back of the house, tons of landscaping, a garden pond and a 1/2 acre fish pond, dairy barn, picket fence, more fencing, 2 new covered porches and 2 new patios, and lots and lots and lots of bulldozing and we cut or push down or top another tree every year (so I will have something to do cleaning up the mess) and I can't even remember what else we have done cuz I am wore out. I really enjoy it here though. It is so peaceful nothing but the birds and goats talking.


Sage said...

Love it, love it! Boy, seeing that wringer washer brings back some memories. That's all my mom had when I was growing up, then the clothes got hung on the line! (she even had an extra line or two on the covered porch so when it rained, they STILL got hung out!
Thanks for the memories Becky!

Sage said...