Monday, July 21, 2008

Becky's Sweet Pickle Recipe

I found these beauties in my garden and I am thrilled! Haven't had Cukes for homemade pickles for several years, but I might make up for it this year!!
I didn't have enough for a really big batch of 14 Day Pickles so I studied my cook books and online recipes for a good while and then decided to make my own recipe. Yes I know that is very risky!! Danny just walked in and saw a small bowl of them on the table that wouldn't fit in the jars, and he said they were great!! So I guess it worked.
I made 9 pints and my kitchen is full of that wonderful popping sound that is music to any canner's ears!! I have also froze 13 bags of squash and picked another bucket full to freeze later!!
I had to act like a housewife today, ya know back to the real world, after the wild and crazy weekend we had on the lake. The pic above is my darling on the tube, no I am not driving the boat, Brad our nephew is. We met up with them on Sunday for a lot of fun.

This is SIL Eric skiing! He and Robin went down with us on Sunday but they had to leave early so she could go to work that night. We stayed til 8PM!!!

I have to post the pics of the 2 of them on the tube. Really cute!!!

Ok so I'm off to eat supper.....home raised fried chicken, fresh half runner green beans, squash and macaroni salad.....pickles on the side ;)

til later!!


Sage said...

Looks like you guys had a great time this past weekend! YEAH! Your pickles look great dahling!! I'll be doing some banana peppers and jalapenos today! So I'm off to the kitchen!

Connie said...

Are those "bread and butter" pickles?! I love them and we eat them a lot, chickadee. My hubs and I met in Virgina - Yorktown. Where are ya, my sweet cherub???

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well Thanks ladies!! The pickles are kinda a cross between a bread-n-butter and a sandwich slice that has brown sugar in them. Ya know brown sugar is good in most anything!! Hubby made me open a jar last night that I had just sealed!!

I'll post my recipe.