Friday, July 18, 2008

This little Hoosier followed me home today!

Oh Yes he sure did! He was calling for me from a couple counties over for 2 days now. He spotted me while shopping for the enamel table top that I adopted and he was sure that I would give him a good home. Oh how I wanted him to come with me that day but you know how the adoption process is. You have to go thru the home inspections and financial specs and make sure that both parties agree on the entire process.
Well we were both in agreement, somewhat anyway. I agreed to give him the best homelife possible, a warm and dry place to stay and the cleanings needed. He agreed to pay the fees for the adoption!!
A pretty good team don't ya think?
Now isn't he cuuuuute? He is only 24" wide!! I have never seen a Hoosier that small. Of course I am not sure if it is really a Hoosier or not but it is definitely a Hoosier type.
Do you see the white and black enamel pitcher on top? Well it had to follow me home today too. Along with 2 pots that are old but never used with the new sticker inside of both and a slew of other B&W enamelware to debue soon.
Boy is my house trashed right now, tooooo much antiquing this week. I promise I will do better next week. We are boating and camping at the lake for the next 2 days. I need to be home working on my decorating though!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Sage said...

Well, it's all looking fantastic! You go girl! Love it all!

Juri said...

I am so is absolutely beautiful! I was just peeking at your blog and reading your posts and did not want to appear to be a "lurker" I am here to tell you what a nice blog you have!!