Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wet and Smoky Sunday

Well we tried yet again today to have an enjoyable sunny Sunday afternoon on the lake but no such luck. As soon as we launched the boat a huge cloud came over and we knew if we were to get any swimming done it better be done soon. As soon as everyone but me had gotten in the water the rain started coming down. So back in the boat.
And off we go down the lake trying to outrun the storm. Emma loves going fast so the wind is in her hair!!
OK for another quick dip!! He is such a little fish!!
Then Katie Barr The Door the sky opened up and we ran for shelter under Union Bridge, just around the cove from where our truck and trailer was but it was raining too hard to try to get there until the rain let up a little.
The boat would turn around and around and each of us would get our turn getting drenched by the steady stream of water coming off the bridge above us. We felt like we were on a water ride at Carrowinds that turns certain riders into the streams of water and some of the riders stay dry!!
We did however wait out the storm and the sun came back out for about 30 minutes of swimming and then another downpour. We had stopped by our land that is 2 miles from the lake, and had a picnic lunch on our picnic table by our camper and then went back by there and ate again on the way home. Good times!!!!
We made it home and backed the boat in to the driveway and was getting ready to open the truck door to get out and I think all of us noticed at the same exact time that the boat motor was ON FIRE!!! Well Danny may have been very tired but he was able to hurdle over the trailer and get to the motor asap and get the cover off and get it out immediately before much damage was done. Some of the wiring had caught on fire and hopefully after the wires are replaced we won't find any further damage. The boat had ran better today than it ever did and Danny was so happy with that. I was afraid we had had our last attempt at a sunny boat ride today when I saw the smoke!!

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