Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yardsale is over!!

The dreaded yardsale was definately a success. About $1000 total sold between my 2 daughters, my granddaughter and I. My total was $385 of junk sold!! Danny was very happy that $385 worth of space is now freed up in his garage. He would have probably just paid me that much to take it to the Goodwill months ago!!!

It looked as if 4 new families were moving in to Robin's house when we each pulled up with truck loads of boxes and totes strapped down and loaded to the gills inside plus we were pulling very large very well loaded down trailers of goods too!! A couple truck loads were already brought in early. This is not counting the amount of stuff that Robin had herself. When we left out tonight we had well under one third of what we brought maybe even less than that. {{{SIGH}}} Wow it is so amazing to see the things just roll out of there like we were giving away gold!!!

There are definately some very well dressed babies on the horizon. Leslie had soooooo many baby clothes that still had the tags on them and all kinds of baby furniture and toys. Large riding toys and every piece was sold except a mere basketball goal!!! Sorry but it didn't find a home!!

Danny was so amazed himself at the type of things that I sold that he thought I wouldn't be able to pay anyone to take off my hands. We had a couple ladies fighting over a "Free" box of picture frame pieces. One lady asked for them and as I was going to mark them "taken" another stepped up and said "I have also got the box of "Free" frames in my car"!!!! She had to get them back out and give them to the other lady but I guess she wasn't too upset cause she bought every door, lattice board and anything else to do with building that we had and then sent her son back to buy more!!!

A few years ago the girls and I owned a ladies consignment store in Floyd and we were able to see soooooo many of our regular customers and get caught up with them and so many were begging us to start up some type of business because they love us. The girls and I have so much fun when we are together and we are each so social that people love to come around us and I am soooooo proud of that!!! We had really made a lot of friends and it was so good to see them this weekend!!! One lady "Jean" was our very first customer in our store and never missed a day coming in the whole time we were there and she came to our yardsale both days and bought others with her when she came back as she did with the store!! She gets the award for faithfullness!!

All in all I would say it was very successful but a lot of hard work!! I am sure we will do it again in the next 20 years!!

Goodnight to all!!


Connie said...

Becky, my sweet virginia chick, I thought all the cowboys were in Ideeeehooooo, huh?!?!?! :-) I met my hubby in Yorktown, Va. and we've been married 47 years. I'm so glad you visited with me. I found your post in my spam/junk mail and rescued it, lovey. Now, we need to get you more traffic so I'm adding your to my favs on blog. I think you're doing a stupendous job on "whitening" everything! Hubs doesn't know it yet but our OAK and PINE stuff is getting a new paint job very soon....preferably when he is outta town! Hah
Smoochies and keep "shabby/chicing" the house, honey.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Aw Shucks Connie I am so glad to hear that you also have a Va Boy. I think they are pretty good boys!! I've had mine for a long time too!! Almost 32 years!! Poor guy ;) !!! LOL

Thanks for adding me to your blog!