Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Weekend on the lake!

As promised earlier today here are the pics of Robin and Eric on the tube! Morgan you should really be proud of your mother cause she actually got off the boat!!
These cool cats are my nephews Brad and his precious little Brady. Brady is getting a little brother in another month!! Mom had to sit this trip out but Nana and Papa and some others were there with us on their pontoon boat!!
It was really hard to read Robin's expressions. Sometimes she looked as if she was laughing and sometimes mad or scared. We weren't sure if we should stop or keep going so we chose to keep going for a really good while!!
Scared? Who could tell??
Not sure what to make of this one either. I missed the best shot which was when we decided to cut the fun and slowed the boat to a stop. When you stop this tube with two people in it it will sink quickly and the look of surprise on Robin's face was priceless as she went down on a sinking tube!! Eric knew it would happen as did we but we all forgot to enlighten her to the fact!!! She actually was game for another trip around the lake and that time when the boat stopped Eric gave her a BIG push out before it sank and she went under anyway!! I don't think we broke her cause she was having too much fun.
Last year we had Leslie and Travis on the tube but I did not have this handy little digital camera at the time. We needed a video camera for that trip cause of Leslie's giggling all around the lake that could be heard all over the county. It was surely contagious and priceless!! We will get them back out somehow this summer!!

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Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Looks like soooo much fun! Oh no, I can't believe your naughty cats and the paint! The visual is not good! Thanks for stopping by!