Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA

Do you guys remember that song? I had Donna Fargo's record and 8 track tape, in later years a cassette and now I have the same CD. She made a lot of money off of me because of that song!! I have played that song over and over and over thru the years to celebrate different things in my life that either happened to me, I accomplished or I obtained. Some of those celebrations were: my marraige, the birth of all my offspring, graduation from nursing school with honors. Those are the big ones. Then there has been so many many others times that God has been so good to me and I will play that song in my head.

Well I have been singing it for the past few days now because we have purchased a fabulous mobile home for our little retreat near the lake!!! A friend of ours has been living in this home for 6 years and is building a new house and she has been so gracious to let us have first choice on her mobile.

I am so excited about this house. You see we have a nice 7' X 17' (when opened) pop-up camper sitting there now. No electricity, no water, and we use a porta-potty concealed behind 2 big tarps tied to trees for privacy. Get the picture!! Now we can really camp in style. 14' X 70' with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room ... LAUNDRY ROOM, 2 big decks and the best comes completely furnished right down to the beds. All of this for a really great price! Only a couple grand more than we paid for the itty bitty popup a few years ago.

One of the beds that she is leaving is a beautiful full size 4 poster bed that will soon be white to look just like Stanley Furnitures "Isabella Poster Bed" that I have been drooling over for many months since I started my new "romantic cottage shabby chic look" ;) .......Robin has given me the set of bunk beds that she has had stored in our garage for many years now for another bedroom. The bunk beds are already white and it has a trundle bed also. I will have plenty of room for all the kiddos to come and spend the weekend with us there!! Then there is a twin bed for the other bedroom too!!

I have to stay focused now and not get too crazy too soon because my friends have to finish their new house first. So in a couple months I will have my little dollhouse that I have always wanted!! I have to frill it up enough so the boys won't be so inclined to stay the night there to keep from driving home after a long night of hunting!! Trust me that has already been mentioned because my husband and his friends coonhunt all around the lake!! Do you think they will like to crawl in to a white 4 poster bed with Laura Ashley sheets, pink with roses? Of course they will!!

OK so now you know the little things in life that make me happy. Hand me down furniture that I can paint is right up there near the top of my list!

Gotta get busy and finish all my painting and decorating and sewing for this home first. Or do I ? Now really do we ever really "get finished" ? I don't think so. What would there be to do with our time if we got finished?

I hope you all have a really great day!


Sage said... sure have been a busy little bee! Found new/old dishes, new home..pillows and wow..all of it. Isnt' life excting for you right now! Slow down there little filly..don't overwork yourself! Love the updates! Check in later!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Becky , I am so glad you found me too ! LOL . Now you come back , I'll be lookin for ya !
Keep us informed on your house trailer at the lake.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, Becky, I LOVED that song! Why won't they play old country songs like that on the radio anymore?
Yay on your "dollhouse"! How exciting!!