Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage porcelain enamel table top

OK Now that's what I was talking about! This was in my plans for my kitchen island but I had NO IDEA that I would ever find it. This topper from an old table (dated July 1949 on the bottom) was found sitting by itself in an antique shop yesterday.
Looks vintage with the fresh goats milk being strained on it. Probably not the first time milk was strained on this table, right?
I did a little dance when I spotted this and went thru the looooooong store in almost a run to ask for a tape measure to see if it would fit and when it said 39" I just knew it was not long enough. I spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out if there was another piece of furniture in my house that it would fit on to make a kitchen island and couldn't think of anything. So I gave up and left it there, boo hoo.
I went on down the road about 10 miles into NC and called my hubby on his cell and asked where he was. He said "In the driveway". What? ..... Oh please run inside and measure the dresser in the middle of the kitchen floor. Ya know the one that really needs a white and black enamel topper to make a really cool island. He did and guess what it measured 38 1/16 inches long!!!!! I knew the width was 18" and this is 23" wide so I have a lip to pull a bar stool under. I turned that truck around on a dime I mean to tell ya and was back in a flash to get this!!!! It was $28.
I put it on myself too!!
I love it! I love it!
It has enough of a ledge all around that I could hang some nifty things under it, like maybe some spice jars hung by the lids screwed to the top and crocheted pot holders. Maybe some vintage red handled kitchen tools ? What ya think? Any ideas?
I also found 2 great white cotton chennile bedspreads, one twin size and one full size perfect for my guest bedroom upstairs that has those 2 size beds in there.
All in all a great day antiquing don't ya think?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great! Good job.