Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did I learn nothing as an ER & ICU nurse?

Well just look at this picture and see if you know the answer! Of course I didn't! Well maybe a little. I did know to keep a phone right by my side so I if I did fall and was by some miracle still coherant enough to dial 911 I could. Have I mentioned that I am afraid of heights? Or that I am so clumsy that I have been called Grace more than Becky? Yep my girls could fill your little heads with stories that they think are mighty funny for some warped reason. They get that from their daddy!! Crazy kids!

Now you see we have this semi-maintenance free home....hahaha...that even sounds funny when I write it. We replaced the roof with this great painted metal, added vinyl siding and replaced some of the windows around 4 years ago....took a couple years to get finished.....anyway we could not begin to afford to replace these big huge windows with vinyl. We were quoted around $1000 a piece and we have 7 this size!!! $7000 for windows......he said no!! Paint is cheap in comparison. BUT who is going to get up there and slap some paint on them? Me of course. I did talk him into caulking them first. He did that last evening after some true begging from me to do so in order for me to attempt to get them painted today. Today was another beautiful day and the last one that the dear old weather man promised me for a while and I was scared it would get too cold to be doing any painting and then these wood windows would rot out this winter. So I came around the corner last evening and found my dearest but crazy husband up on the ladder in this contraption. What? I had a real quick flashback to a time that my sister in law did a similar trick with a ladder, paint and a pickup truck but she fell off the ladder and it really hurted she said!!

So of course I wanted this painting to be done today so I had no choice but to hike my clutzy self right on up there and git-r-done. I did git-r-done too. Right before dark tonight. LOL!!!! Two really good coats of paint and a lot of scraping, they will possibly be cleaned tomorrow weather permiting. Not via Gator and ladder though. I have one of those really cool brushes that goes on the waterhose that holds soap that I have used before and it does a good job. It is also telescopeing so it will reach and I can keep my little ole feet safely on the ground.

I came in the house tonight not to this serene setting but to a kitchen full of dirty dishes. This however is what it looks like right now. AAAWWWWHHHHH! I love that feeling!! If you click to enlarge you will see white paint splatters were I have cleaned so many brushes this year in my sink but it does wear off eventually!! How do you like my new/vintage enamelware dish pan? Well it's actually a jelly pot but I discovered a while back that it also makes for a great dishpan. It accomodates my large pots and pans with ease.

(I made the red dishcloth this week, 2 of them while winding down at night watching a little TV) That's called multi-tasking ;-)

Now that I can rest easily knowing that my windows may not crumble down around me this winter.....well I/we have one more window to go, upstairs in my sewing room, I/we can stand on the 1st floor roof to do that one. More ER stories come to mind.......when a patient came in and started their story with..."Well I was on the ladder........" we did not need to hear anymore!!!!

Anyway I can get to my sewing room and utilize this new fabric that came today. I told you testerday that I just placed an order with on Tuesday and it arrived today, Thursday. She is in Utah and I am in Va.......I wasn't really good with geography but I thought they were on opposite ends of the US are they not? Was that lightening fast shipping or what? I really have the wheels a turning now about what to do with these treasures!!!!!

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe today up on that ladder!

Now there are some rich thick hot bubbles calling my name! Hum, that could be hot cocoa or a bubble bath. I think I'll have both!!

Goodnight my friends! God Bless!

I have to add here..........You see those incredibly large "Spoon and Fork like Marie's from Everybody loves Raymond" spoon and fork? My 6 year old grandaughter, Emma asked me the other day why I had those hanging up there? I gave her many different answers and she never seemed to be satisfied with my answer. I take it she doesn't like them ;0(
I think they are kinda kitchy!! LOL!!!


Anne Marie said...

hee hee -
and I'm glad you are okay after getting on that most precarious (sp?) ladder........

Leslie said...

I'm tired for you. It looks like you had a busy couple days. I haven't been that productive around here, but I should have taken advantage of this beautiful weather too.

I can't believe you got on that contraption. Daddy sure knows how to "rig" things up.

Mel said...

I too have thought of hoisting my ladder in the JD wagon to reach different projects... to funny.

So glad you stayed safe, and happy for you that you have increased the life of your windows/frames, will make for a warm and cozy winter.


Amanda said...

You've been a busy woman. I'm glad you didn't fall! You might be a redneck if.... you put your ladder on top of your john deere. lol Just kidding. I don't know when the last time was that my sink didn't have a dirty dish in it. Yours is decorated so pretty (as everything else you post!). I like your spoon and fork. I thought of Marie's before I even read the part where you mentioned her. lol :)

Lorilee said...

You are doing all the good. I actually enjoy painting if the weather is nice! I have only fallen from my ladder once! My 60 something Dad recently fell from a ladder while working on a metal roof. He was very lucky and only had major bruises from the fall!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I've got an uncle who is so brilliant he can't tie his own shoelaces, wears those velcro jobbies. Even he wouldn't try your stunt! -grin-
Merry Christmas and glad the Good Lord kept you safe...
from Thistle Cove Farm.